Javier ungria instagram

Javier ungria instagram

Polemic wedding without masks in a player’s casino

He is Jaime Navarro, former Real Madrid player, she is Beatriz Ungría, sister of Javier Ungría, current husband of Elena Tablada (David Bisbal’s ex-wife). However, not everything stays there. To try to be discreet, there is nothing like sharing a snapshot on Instagram claiming that «love should always be celebrated». This is how Elena Tablada shared a post on her personal account, showing the dress she had chosen for the occasion.
The Community of Madrid allows weddings, both outdoors and indoors, as is the case of the Casino de Madrid. However, the protocol does dictate that the mask is mandatory and that the safety distance has to be mandatory. In addition, neither dancing nor cocktails prior to the meal are allowed, as the consumption of food and drink must take place seated at a table.
Javier Ungría, Elena Tablada’s husband and brother of the bride, is the nephew of the Princess of Tirnovo, Miriam Ungría, widow of Kardam of Bulgaria, heir to the throne. In addition, they are an important family of businessmen, owners of the company Patentes y Marcas.

Javier ungría gives his version of his sister’s wedding on

Rosa Benito’s tears on seeing one of her children again in confinement from her balcony: «Today I cried with joy, despite seeing my children and grandchildren every day on Skype you can’t imagine what I felt on seeing my son and grandson who came to see me (they live near me) saying, Yaya, mom…. We love you!!!», she confessed.
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She, the daughter of david bisbal and elena tablada, how she dances!

trip of their lives. «Finally you and me here», writes the model next to a photograph in which the couple appears in a game viewer, the typical SUV for walks in the savannah, touring the African landscapes, a safari that have begun toasting with a blue cocktail before an excursion in which they have seen many animals in their natural habitat: elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers are just some of the impressive mammals that can be seen walking in freedom. «Mother nature», or «So beautiful», are some of the expressions with which Elena Tablada has described the emotion she feels when discovering the wonders offered by the Pilanesberg National Park.The couple had to postpone their honeymoon due to a mishap suffered by the groom a few days before the wedding. It was during the pre-wedding celebrations, when Javier cut his foot, which he had to cut off.

Elena tablada asks her followers about her belly

The mom-to-be does nothing but share photos of her budding belly with her followers.Click on the photo to find out which celebrities have announced their pregnancy in 2019. / instagram elena tabladaHOY HEART
View this post on InstagramA post shared by Hell Elena Tablada (@hellentablada) on Dec 31, 2019 at 10:35 PST «Making balance: 2019 brought me many frustrations, injustices, uncomfortable situations, anxiety, pain, helplessness and anger, but to compensate for all this, it brought me the wonderful joy, along with the best man I know, to create this life that I carry inside me».
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