Jennifer hermoso instagram

Jennifer hermoso instagram

Jenni hermoso recibe la nominación a los premios the best

Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes (nacida el 9 de mayo de 1990), comúnmente conocida como Jenni, es una futbolista española que juega en el FC Barcelona y en la selección femenina de fútbol de España. Hermoso es la máxima goleadora de la historia del Barcelona y de España.
Hermoso se reincorporó al FC Barcelona en 2019 tras la eliminación de España del torneo de la Copa Mundial Femenina de la FIFA 2019, donde terminó como máxima goleadora de España. Desde su regreso al Barcelona, ha ganado dos títulos de liga, dos Copas de la Reina y la UEFA Women’s Champions League 2020-21, además del triplete continental de esa misma temporada. Individualmente, terminó las temporadas de liga 2019-20 y 2020-21 como máxima goleadora de la Primera División, en 2020 y 2021 terminó como máxima goleadora de las 5 mejores ligas femeninas de Europa, y en 2021, fue la co-máxima goleadora de la UEFA Women’s Champions League de esa temporada.
Hermoso tiene el récord de más trofeos Pichichi de todos los tiempos con cinco. Hermoso también tiene el récord de máxima goleadora de todos los tiempos tanto del FC Barcelona Femení como de España, logrando los hitos en los años 2020 y 2021, respectivamente.

Jennifer hermoso’s masterful goal / golazo de jennifer hermoso

There are many soccer players who have ostentatious and visible tattoos on their faces:  David Beckham, Sergio Ramos, Dani Alves, Neymar and Leo Messi are just some of the ball professionals profusely tattooed. There are also some girls who like to wear tattoos on their bodies. This is the case of Jennifer Hermoso, the FC Barcelona player.
A flamingo, a lion and a phrase from the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’ adorn her right arm. A star on her elbow, the first one she had made, her grandparents’ initials, her grandfather’s radio, her grandmother’s carnation, another carnation for her mother and her niece’s hand adorn her left arm, dedicated to her family and especially to her grandparents.
“Dear granddaughter Jenni, take care of yourself and don’t forget us, I will miss you a lot, especially on Fridays. I will never forget you, come soon, I love you very much&rdquor, says literally the emotional note, just as it was written, with her calligraphy and her othergraphic imperfections.

7 second challenge | jennifer hermoso vs marta torrejón

Hermoso kembali ke Barcelona FC di tengah pencarian klub untuk gelar liga pertama mereka dalam 5 tahun. Jenni paling tepat digambarkan sebagai penyerang lengkap. Salah satu aspek paling mengesankan dari permainannya adalah kemampuannya dalam bermain di hampir semua posisi penyerang. Biasanya, Hermoso ditempatkan sebagai penyerang tengah, tetapi ketika selama pertandingan, sering terlihat Jenni mengambil posisi di seluruh lini depan.
Kedatangan Jenni bagi tim Barcelona adalah pernyataan niat utama untuk Barcelona setelah kekalahan Loga Champions mereka dari Lyon di Budapest. Striker tersebut memberi tim jaminan gol dan bantuan dalam peningkatan yang tidak diragukan lagi menghasilkan lebih banyak hasil, dilihat pada Liga Champions 2020/2021, Jennifer Hermoso berhasil mencetak 56 gol dari 58 penampilan bersama Barcelona FC. Dikutip dari laman resmi UEFA, Hermoso merupakan top skor Liga Champions Wanita dengan 6 gol.

Jennifer hermoso wins the uwcl forward of the season

One way to nullify Hermoso’s game is to mark her very closely in intense harassment (below), giving her no option to react or anticipate, and taking away her passing options. Deep runs are not his forte on the field. In her case, she chooses to touch the ball for a more associative game, nor is it one of her strongest points to face 1 on 1 situations. She is a player who prefers to finish from the outside, cross and pass as “third man”, as this allows her to have more freedom in her movements.
Other notes: In the aerial game she performs quite well. He has a great ability to read the trajectory of the ball and the location that facilitates him to be in good position for the execution of the shot, where he is very confident. In addition, she has experienced a very good progression since her beginnings by knowing how to differentiate when she has to finish, drive or look for the pass in an offensive situation in the opponent’s relation to her movements as a center forward, her decision making is closely linked to her situations on the field. Interpreting when to change direction to finish crosses coming from the wing or when to attack the most effective spaces for the shot, are part of Hermoso’s characteristics in the offensive phase.

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