Juan soler instagram

Juan soler instagram

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Along with a motivational video of himself cheering himself on to get through the bad times he is going through, Juan Soler hinted that he is not having a good time, and that what appears on social networks, does not always show the reality in its entirety, because only the nice things are published, and not the hard part that each person lives day by day.
«Tell me!!! Does the same thing happen to you? Because today I woke up, I looked at the social networks, and everything is perfect; nobody has problems, we all want to show off. I wonder, why not be honest?» she questioned. «I didn’t feel like going out, I was tired, a little sad because of what I’m going through, and I said: ‘Arriba Juan!!!’! The difference between those who get ahead and those who don’t is the attitude», admitted Juan Soler.
Likewise, in the video he revealed his feelings and admitted: «Today I got up at the gym with the attitude of going to the gym, because I didn’t feel good. So, we are going to do it with more enthusiasm. That’s how goals are achieved, fighting every day, fighting. Kisses.

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Despite this, the artist continued to use the stage name Maki Soler, especially on her social media accounts. However, recently the artist had declared that she would look for a way to modify this field in her Instagram account.
The actress assured her fans that, as soon as she could do so, she would change her username. Now, her account is @makyta_itsok, of the artist who answers to the name Magdalena, or Maki Moguilevsky.
Several of her followers had criticized her for keeping her married name, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. However, upon noticing the change, several of them have celebrated the fact that she has been able to change her username on Instagram.

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ShowsJuan Soler shares emotional and nostalgic messages: «It’s time to start something new «While some of his followers have interpreted his messages as hints to Maki, others have applauded his resolutions for 2020By: Elizabeth González+6+6+6+6+6+6+6LITEAdd us to your home screen to visit us easier and fasterAddNear his followers and with the sincerity that characterizes him,
has shared emotional and nostalgic messages on his social networks, hinting that he is taking stock of the good and bad that happened to him in 2019. However, some of his publications have caught the attention of his fans, who consider that they could also be hints to his ex-partner,

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The awards ceremony took place in Toledo Street, next to the Lobo Flaco bookstore, and was attended by the councilman of Finance, Commerce, Industry and Internal Affairs, Fernando Lazaro, as well as the representative of Telefonica, Francisco Minaya, and on behalf of Decathlon, Juan Gutierrez and Rafael Denoy.
This contest, held during the months of July, August, September and October, was born with the aim of projecting the image of Getafe, attract visitors and promote consumption in the stores of the city. This initiative has allowed the dissemination of Getafe in social networks, in total 820 photos have been tagged with the hashtag #proyectogenuino and 680 with #compraengetafe.
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