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Je visite la boutique harry potter de rennes (au

Like them, I know that some of you reading this blog are expecting a baby, or have someone close to you who is. Dressing in pregnancy is very difficult, and it never hurts to have some sources of inspiration for when we run out of ideas.
There are a few «what to wear» pros out there, and three of my favorites are pregnant. The first one has a little over a month to go but the other two will be posting new looks for many months to come. Don’t miss them.

Je cuisine : 4 idees de salade / picnic 0 dechet

Hedvig Opshaug of The Nothern Light has worn impeccable looks throughout her pregnancy, wearing coats, anoraks and oversize jackets and showing off her belly in knitted dresses and lycra T-shirts over skinny jeans.
The most comfortable and casual version, but no less stylish, is embodied by Anine Bing, who wears outfits with jeans, wide T-shirts, leather jackets, sweatshirts and maxi knit sweaters with a certain rocker air.
Addicted to layering with sleeveless vests and coats/trenches over t-shirts and dresses, she adds a trendy touch with it accessories like studded ankle boots, felt hats, leopard print foulards and wonderful signature handbags.
Here we go with another pregnancy street style looks issue, this time with some stylish pregnant bloggers, such as Hedvig Opshaug from The Nothern Light, Anine Bing, Sofi Fahrman from Sofis Snapshots, Delmy Rivera from Fashion Bananas and Leticia from Laetitia’s Comptoir.
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New home #3 ( cuisine,laverie,piscine ? )

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Mon avis sur 4 bases pour les lèvres

I would prefer it to be isolated in one and so who does not want to know about it can look here without having to find it. It bothers me personally to see it. But I don’t participate in the thread either, I just gossip. If it stays here I stop reading and that’s it.
Well, it’s a «group» post of national bloggers and influencers and fortunately we can talk about whoever we want (within limits that we all know) without fear of being shut down. That’s at least to Pepa’s credit. And if talking about this good girl is a dish of good taste for many, then there will be no choice but to ignore the comments in which she is mentioned, just as there will be other influencers who are not the devotion of everyone and who are here. In the end there is such a wide range of debate that if it’s not one, it will be another. And that’s okay.
Sure, Nubecilla. If you don’t like something, you stop watching it, that’s normal. But as I say, the good thing is that now we have the possibility to talk about whoever we want without fear, so if someone wants to use this thread, which is the one it is, to talk about Pepa, go ahead. And if not, it is because nobody is interested in her.

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