Laura ferrer instagram

Laura ferrer instagram

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The journalist and presenter Laura Ferrer, who during the pandemic has continued collaborating from her home, in the informative space that ONCE has daily in TVE1, will return on Monday June 15 to distribute illusion from the set of draws of the Organization.
For this reason Laura Ferrer, will return to distribute illusion in the 1 of TVE in its usual schedule, since in these days has been launched the «factory of Illusion», as is known to the printing of the Coupon of the ONCE, where the first coupons have been printed and the thorough distribution of all products to all corners of the country.

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La estudiante de cooperativa de Southern Power, Laura Ferrer, se siente agradecida por la oportunidad de perseguir su sueño de convertirse en ingeniera. Ella atribuye gran parte de su reciente éxito a su sistema de apoyo a través de la Sociedad de Ingenieros Profesionales Hispanos (SHPE). La SHPE es una organización que capacita a los ingenieros hispanos para que sirvan como líderes en sus comunidades y en su campo.
Laura se convirtió en miembro activo de la SHPE en su primer año en la Universidad de Tennessee en Knoxville, donde se especializó en ingeniería civil. Fue a través de varios programas de reuniones de la SHPE que conoció a Southern Power y se sintió atraída por sus fuertes valores de seguridad, honestidad y diversidad – valores también reconocidos en todos los sistemas de Southern Company.
Laura comenzó su cooperativa en Southern Power, trabajando en varias rotaciones y encontrando su nicho trabajando con energías renovables como la eólica y la solar. A lo largo de su cooperativa, Laura pudo viajar por todo el país catalogando e inspeccionando turbinas eólicas.

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Heidi’s husband also reported that his wife’s health was deteriorating more and more, as by May she had to be bedridden and in constant physical pain, suffering from severe neurological tremors and other symptoms that were only getting worse.
In my darkest moments, I told my husband that if I didn’t get better, I didn’t want to live like this. I was not suicidal, I just could not see any long-term quality of life and there was no end in sight,» Ferrer added in her blog.

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Expressive, friendly, attractive, with Mediterranean roots and an excellent professional who has covered all kinds of information, Laura Ferrer appears every weekend through the window of Antena 3 Television to offer the weather forecast.
– Of course I feel very comfortable between squalls, rains and all kinds of weather phenomena, although I prefer anticyclones, clear skies and high temperatures.  I love good weather!
– I think that for all of us professionals who work in television it is good for us to look at ourselves and review our work.  I personally every time I finish the program I watch it to make sure everything is correct, I am also quite critical of myself. I think it’s a good way to correct mistakes, when you see yourself many times you already know the gestures you should do and those you shouldn’t, how to move, etc.
– It is a reality that we are suffering the melting of the Pole and that the sea level is rising at a very fast pace, so it is an issue that can have very serious consequences for the population of many Asian countries located very close to the coast.

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