Leticia sabater instagram

Leticia sabater instagram

Leticia sabater – mr. policeman (official video)

Leticia Sabater is enjoying one of the best moments of her life. The multifaceted artist has just celebrated the sale of her house in Madrid and the subsequent purchase of a new residence in Marbella, where she plans to move soon. On a sentimental level, she is «entertained» with a new love and on the work front, Leticia has announced a new and ambitious project: her own documentary series, in the purest Rocío Carasco style.
Whatever happens, the artist wanted to make it clear that she does not intend to take advantage of the wake of Rocío Carrasco to present this documentary series. Leticia wanted to make it clear that they are «two very different profiles», and the aim of her documentary is for people to recognize her career and not fame or fortune, which she has already achieved, more than enough: «For me, money is not everything, let’s be clear», she concludes.

Stranger things – leticia sabater comes to the upside down

A multitudinous cotillion in which up to 23 people participated, already identified and sanctioned by the security forces, despite the restrictions dictated by the coronavirus pandemic. And, meanwhile, the singer is still missing and without explanation about this controversy.
After the police action and the relevant fines, the Guardia Civil continued with its maneuvers yesterday Sunday afternoon to try to collect new clues that shed some more light on the investigation of this crime. Meanwhile, the internet is clear who is to blame for this situation.

Interview with leticia sabater

Her investmentsLeticia Sabater shared on Viernes Deluxe what she is going to invest the million euros she has earned from the sale of her house in Madrid. She revealed that she plans to go back to the operating room to have a facelift. For this she will put herself in the hands of a professional who works in Madrid and who Mila Ximénez recommended to her before she passed away.The singer commented that she had already acquired a watch and a car. She stressed the importance of «buying well» and explained that the vehicle she is driving now cost her 51,000 euros, when its value is 90,000. She pointed out that it is a model launched in 2018 and she got it second-hand with few kilometers.

Leticia sabater youtube

Through this platform, the Catalan sells all kinds of objects customized by herself and at a very affordable price. It is a new project in which Leticia has put all her illusion and has announced with great fanfare in her social networks.
Can you think of a better way to start the day than drinking coffee in a Sabater cup? I’m sure you can’t. Although, as if that were not enough, Leticia this time goes further and offers for the first time an exclusive service.
As the main attraction of this new business, the singer offers the possibility of going out to dinner with her. There is no doubt that Leticia knows how to reinvent herself. Is she trying to set up her own First Dates?

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