Lisi linder instagram

Lisi linder instagram

Lisi linder and isabel naveira introduce us to mónica y la flaca

– People burst out laughing if I tell… my anecdotes from school. Back then I used to say words wrong because of my mother’s influence, who, being Austrian, didn’t pronounce them correctly. I realized some mistakes quite late: I used to say ‘pocadillo’ instead of bocadillo, ‘savietas’ instead of serviettes? And a few more.
– Sometimes they look at me like a weirdo because… I’ve always been looked at like a weirdo! Between the fact that I’m half guiri but I feel very gaditana, I come from a vegetarian family and I work as an actress… I don’t fit much into the normality [laughs].
Also on stage she has made her debut in the micro-theater with Como Dios, by Eusebio Poncela, while fans of webseries will remember her in Libres, by Álex Rodrigo. Before the Almeria intrigues among greenhouses, she had already taken on another powerful television role, that of a prostitute in Gran Hotel. And to enjoy her magnetism on the big screen, we should review the choral film Historias de Lavapiés or find her in Maldita venganza, by David Chamizo.

Lisi linder in «con alfon se entiende la gente».

As an actress, we can see her in the series Vis a Vis: El Oasis, where she plays the juicy role of Monica Ramala, a controversial singer who decides to join the robbery planned by the gang formed by Zulema and Maca (Najwa Nimri and Maggie Civandos).
Every day, the actress prepares nutritious smothies to give her body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Also some detox recipes as a «little help to our body to eliminate pesticides and heavy metals» present, for example, in fish.
With ingredients like these, it is logical that Lisi Linder is a cook. She focuses on vegan recipes, but also offers alternatives for people with food intolerances, for example, to gluten with this delicious brownie donut.
Every day, she finds enough space in her living room to practice relaxation and asanas. Lisi Linder admits that she enjoys «reconnecting with myself on my yoga mat.
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Playing mónica ramala in ‘vis a vis: el oasis’ has been everything.

The cruel death of her character in Mar de plástico (A3) has knocked out her fans. Lisi Linder, who played Agneska, the explosive and sexual Russian married to Juan Rueda (Pedro Casablanc), says goodbye to the series and faces new professional challenges.
How was it to ‘kill’ Agneska in the middle of the season? it was one of the big bets of this second installment. Here they want strong emotions and in the episode in which they ‘kill’ me with a hammer blow I am very protagonist. I suffered a lot (laughs) and the truth is that it has been a bombshell in social networks.
Now you want to move away from the stereotype of Russian woman, explosive… I want to do the opposite. For my next work I want a character that is not so sexual, and that my videos are among the most viewed. But just as I have built Agneska and I have been very brave in doing the Russian accent or playing certain scenes, I will take on a new role as a challenge.
To get a role and another series like that will be a lottery, hopefully I’ll get it again, but in the next series I want to play a cop. Or at least I want to be a more sober woman, less sexual, and on the side of good.

Lisi linder – 2nd season ‘sea of plastic’.

It was a short but very beautiful story. Sofiya was a very human character, in which she showed the reality of women who live in the misfortune of not surviving economically and having to leave their children for adoption.
I feel very proud to have participated in this series, which got on Atresmedia’s boat, with a production similar to the American ones. The character of Agneska was a great challenge and I was nominated by the Actors Union. Super grateful since it was one of the most remembered characters.
When you shoot a sequence in daily Prime Time series you have to make the perfect shot, but that also had its challenge and also valued the choice of theme that had made the series, to make a daily crime series, which until now all were of period.

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