Lorena fama a bailar instagram

Lorena fama a bailar instagram

Shape of you – salsa dance – daniel rosas & denise fabel

Fama, ¡a bailar!Tipusprograma de televisión PresentadorPaula Vázquez Tania Llasera Companyia productoraZeppelin TV País de produccióEspanya Canal originalCuatro y #0 Durada dels capítols80 min Primer programa7 gener 2008 Temporades7 Episodis400 Premis
Fama a bailar! se estrenó el 7 de gener de 2008 y su tercera edición finalizó el 24 de gener de 2010. Después de la primera edición, la cadena emitió una edición dirigida a buscar talentos infantiles. El programa se llamó Fama School y se emitió en horario de máxima audiencia los retos[1][2].
La cadena decidió continuar, para luego terminar la segunda edición con un Fama ¡a bailar! Centro de danza, en el que los concursantes de Fama 1 y Fama 2, ya convertidos en bailarines profesionales, se trasladan al centro para competir en grupos.

Marcos fama a bailar, best moments

FAMA a bailar’ closes this edition with a global success in audience, social following, notoriety and fan phenomenon. It has become the #0 daily program with the best results since its birth, both live and recorded, and leading the social networks every day since its premiere 3 months ago.
Álvaro Díaz, CEO of Zeppelin: «To revisit a great brand, give dance the place it deserves on television and make a great daily show, and live, with a totally new aesthetic proposal. The challenge was enormous and at Zeppelin we are very happy to have achieved it».
Fernando Jerez, Director of #0 and entertainment content at Movistar+: «Fama has changed the face of #0: it has made our channel more competitive, more relevant, more ambitious, younger. We have offered something unprecedented in pay TV».
FAMA a bailar’ ends this edition with a global success, in terms of audience, social following, notoriety and fan phenomenon. It has become the #0 Movistar+ daily program with the best consumption results since the birth of the channel, increasing the linear share of the channel by 114% in its broadcasting slot (it multiplies by 6 the data of the daily offer in that slot since internal data has been available) and also becoming the daily program with the highest deferred consumption and the entertainment program with the highest deferred contribution to the channel. Around half of the viewers (47%) watch it through the functionalities available on the platform, a new way of enjoying this type of formats in which Movistar+ is a pioneer.

New reggaeton songs may 2020 – (with name)

Now I see him and he wasn’t a powerful kid with a professional level, he was a rookie. I was normal. I had my virtues and my defects, but you could see more the bad things than the evolution. If you are given a choice between a dish you like and one you don’t, you choose. At that time I felt bad and sometimes I felt very rejected, although my colleagues told me the opposite. When I came out and saw the images, I saw that I had support, although there were also those who kicked me from behind.AdvertisingYou came out as a neighborhood kid protected by your family and you came out as part of a social phenomenon and a media target on top of it. I imagine it was hard.
Not everyone can like you. I was lucky enough to either like it or not, 50-50. Then I realized that there were more people who liked it than those who didn’t.AdvertisingLet’s leave the drama and talk about the success. How long were you doing gigs and masterclasses taking advantage of the program’s success?
I watch it when I can. It follows the same midday format, although it’s different, like an Operación Triunfo. The level of dance has risen a lot and on the one hand it’s good, because it gives room for more artistic perfection, but on the other hand we miss more styles of dance and the point of Gran Hermano that our edition had to get to know people. Now there is the 24 hours, but it is not the same.As we say those of the first and second edition in a WhatsApp group we have, we are happy that it is coming back, but there is a lack of variety of dance. For people to understand, it’s very contemporary and they throw themselves all the time on the floor. In our Fama they put funky with rolls of other styles in between, hip-hop, classic ….. Now of the 8 choreographies, one or two are urban, so do you have contact with the former contestants of the first edition of Fama?

Danna paola – mala fama (live from the academy)

-I’m teaching classes. Little by little I’m looking for my place because leaving a reality show is complicated. I’ve been dancing all my life and now I’m doing the same thing. I have my classes, my shows and I’m making a demo with a theme: ‘Todo puede cambiar’ (Everything can change).
-Not at all. The image they have given of me is not mine. In a reality show they give you the image of a bad guy and you’re bad for the whole program. People who really know me know how I am. You have to know people, you can’t judge someone by a TV show.
-Yes, but I would take it differently. The problem is that the reality itself takes your feelings out of you. They set up your script, your character. They pigeonhole you into what they think you are. They know you’re introverted, so you’re already the crazy one, the one who gets out of line in the choreographies? But I’ve done more things than ‘Fame’, things they haven’t seen and I would invite people who might misjudge me because of the program to find out more about me. Before ‘Fame’ I had a life.

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