Manel ferrer instagram

Manel ferrer instagram

Manel – tipus suite (official videoclip)

A cartoonist with a taste for detail, his most recognizable style is the one in which, starting from a realistic base, he veers towards the humorous through distortion. He is fond of thick strokes and physically corpulent characters, which he portrays in a caricatured and often grotesque way. In terms of subject matter, Manel’s most personal work is that in which he focuses on the erotic-humoristic portrayal of couple relationships and their misunderstandings, as in his best remembered series: Manolo e Irene.
In El Jueves the series was maintained until, in the opinion of the editor, José Luis Martín, the characters no longer hooked the readers: «I was right», Manel admits in an interview with Tebeosfera, «I had been saying it to myself for a long time. I was a badass. Man, young people don’t understand Manolo…'».
In the 90s he returned to the field of children’s comics, animating two new series of white humor for Mini Mundo, a comic supplement of the newspaper El Mundo: Musculón (1994) and Ovnio (1996).

Laura centellas – fifth of june

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Aída nízar on «el pis tv show»! – bhr

The story takes place in a fictional world where humanity is on the verge of extinction because of humanoid creatures called «titans», so the survivors take refuge in three huge walls that prevent access to the monsters. Eren Jaeger, the main protagonist, decides to join the «Army of the Walls» together with his childhood friends, in order to avenge the death of his mother, defend the walls and free humanity from the titans.
Since its release, Shingeki no Kyojin became a commercial success both in Japan and the rest of the world, where it reached one hundred million units sold by the end of 2019. After achieving a good commercial reception, it won various awards and recognitions. Derivative products such as light novels, video games, OVAs, two live-action movies, parodies and a production in charge of Warner Bros. still without a confirmed release date were also made.
Titans (巨人, Kyojin?) are creatures that closely resemble humans, as they are bipedal, with almost the same characteristic of their limbs and body functions, except for the reproductive parts. From the human point of view, most feature deformed dimensions to a greater or lesser degree, ranging from slight abnormalities to notorious disproportions.[10] The following is a list of the most common deformed creatures in the world.

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