Mar abascal instagram

Mar abascal instagram

Casado urges abascal to leave the field free for him.

@ChanoJurado25 minMar 3, 2021Handbook to activate your INNER POWERMold your mind to develop the person you’ve always wanted to be. Awaken your inner power and use body language as an ally.
She has 2 books published ‘IT’S IN YOU’ & ‘YOUR PATH TO HEALING (12 STEPS TO TAKE CARE OF YOU)’. She is a speaker, gives online workshops and has a great YouTube channel, here is her information.
Contact us on social networks: @ChanoJurado & @RoMoraZ17 minFeb 3, 2021Fall in love with your PROBLEMS, that’s where the growth liesThere is no such thing as a life without problems. But we can see them from another perspective.
If you want to prolong your moments of happiness, you have to listen to this episode.18 minOct 22, 2020TRAILER: The Happy PodcastThrough conversations, this podcast looks for ways to find well-being. Presented by Chano Jurado for those who want to seek to be their best version.

Videobook mar abascal

You ask me to write you a prologue. You tell me what it is for, and I get a lump in my throat and I choke in my helplessness because I can’t imagine with what words I could describe so much pain?
And one cannot help but feel absurd on this side of the world. And the least we can do is to make her story known, to educate, to show the world and to raise awareness. And it’s such an insignificant gesture and yet… absolutely necessary.
We have seen it in Antonio Prieto’s Teatro en Suceso in El Congreso, Jordi Galcerán’s Burundanga, Kent Davenport’s Mi Primera vez, both directed by Gabriel Olivares, Dos Peor que uno, directed by Paco Mir (Tricicle).
Wanawake Mujer seeks to promote gender equality and is committed to the visibility of women’s work as an essential factor for the development of communities. All this, from several areas…
We work in developing countries, especially in the African continent, and we promote the role of women as the engine of social change. Women who are working every day to fight for equality and against all forms of gender violence.

Burundanga mar abascal #7

Finally, I want to recommend this fantastic actress we have, Mar Abascal, who has worked in Burbuja (short film) Los sobrinos del capitán Grant (with my admired and beloved Millán Salcedo) and in Burundanga, at the Teatro Lara, Madrid, the Prince of Algiers, and numerous zarzuelas.
Through instragram I have been able to share bits of 14 seconds of the scenes in which Mar Abascal appears, and I have seen that my Japanese friends have loved it and want more information about her!

“tango de la menegilda” from “la gran vía.”

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