Mar saura instagram

Mar saura instagram

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Specifically, the outfit designed by Mar Saura welcomes spring with an outfit consisting of two key pieces, which most people have in their closet for having the label of basic: a white shirt and jeans, which never go out of style.
Also, this knot stylizes the figure thanks to the fact that it is combined with a high-waist jeans (165 euros) of the firm Sandro, which has a fantasy style pockets on the sides that, with its drawing, subtracts visual volume to those areas.
On the other hand, Anna Ferrer, who has just launched a new clothing brand with her mother, posed for her networks with this outfit that, like Saura, is made up of two basics: a white T-shirt with a short pattern from Mango and jeans with a slight bell effect from Zara.

Interview mar saura presents «el ministerio del tiempo».

I do two strong classes with my trainer, Miguel Lordán, and the rest of the maintenance classes are more gentle. I do functional training of 45 minutes of high intensity, with almost no breaks.  The truth is that sport is also great for my mind, it helps me to de-stress! It’s a time when I’m very focused, trying to make the most of the moment and charging myself with positive energy and strength. I forget everything because I concentrate on that moment.
They are very fun classes where we work all the muscle groups with many different exercises in order to make it very dynamic. Three sets of each exercise and about 15 repetitions per set.  Between 10 and 12 different exercises and, as I said before, practically no rest.  I arrive at the end of the class exhausted but happy and content to have completed it.
Of course there are days when I wouldn’t do the class and for the first ten minutes you have to fight with your mind not to negotiate and be overcome by the fact that you want to do a short class.  But therein also lies the challenge of having made it to the end of the workout.

Mar saura shows off her spectacular figure in a video

For the occasion, Mar opted for a series of basics that you surely keep in your closet (and your toiletry bag), and that you often underestimate. Hers is one of those proposals with which to succeed, especially in those moments when you do not know what to wear. Well, who has not resorted to a black mini-dress for an important occasion? Although it must be said, the one she wore on this date was a «great dress». Signed by Emporio Armani, the garment with thin straps and square neckline has an eye-catching hem adorned with hair.
However, what we have come to talk about here is her makeup. Mar Saura has reminded us of a lesson we often forget: the power of red lips. No matter how bad you look when you wake up or the bad day you have at the office, try wearing a lipstick of this color and you will see how it is able to lift your spirits. There is no study that proves it, for the moment, but it is a theory that we like a lot.
The proof is the model’s look, as this detail was enough to triumph with her beauty. A nude skin and an almost imperceptible eyeliner completed her beauty look, without forgetting her hair with waves, another must-have that is always a must-have. And the best thing is that there are so many tricks to get waves easily, that the hairstyle will take very little time.

The love test by mar saura | vanity fair spain

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