Mar torres-fontes instagram

Mar torres-fontes instagram

Mar torres underwear

With more and more followers on Instagram, and among unconfirmed rumors of her possible participation in the next edition of Supervivientes, everything Mar Torres does becomes news. A couple of days ago, without going any further, she posted a photograph of the most suggestive in underwear that has brought her more than one displeasure.
And the fact is that, showing a side of her that was unknown until now, and being sincere with her followers as she had never done before, Froilán’s ex, overwhelmed by the pressure and the criticism she has received after her photo in her underwear, has burst into tears and confessed how she feels.
«I ask for respect and that everyone can do what he wants with his life and his body today. I do not understand why people have to be crushed in this way», denounced the «ex daughter-in-law» of the Infanta Elena, assuring that «we all have heart and head and all this is very strong».
Inconsolable, and broken down in tears, Mar has confessed that these attacks she receives for the images she shares on her Instagram account, «is not the first time it happens to me, I suffer from many people this… I do not know what to call it» (referring to the fierce criticism of her haters).

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Lingerie, an anxiety attack and a ‘royal’ past: Marta Torres or why society will never forgive her relationship with Froilán.Mar Torres could not hold back the tears after the attacks received in the networks for the photo uploaded in underwear. / INSTAGRAMCARMEN RAYA
one of the ‘microinfluencers’ with more projection and growth of our country. Her sophisticated lifestyle, her looks, her videos about her beauty routines and her charisma have made her become, little by little,
A selfie she took in the mirror of one of the rooms in her house. An image that is not far from the one that influencers such as Laura Escanes, Georgina Rodríguez or María Pombo post daily on their online profiles. A photograph that, in any other 2.0 account, would have received praise and compliments about her splendid figure.
However, the reaction that Mar found from her audience and haters was very different. So much so that, unable to hold back her tears and in what was clearly a full-blown anxiety attack, the young woman recorded some Stories sharing all the anguish and pain she felt after the hate-filled criticism she had received.

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«I cried, but I don’t remember it as traumatic. We had a nanny who took care of me. There was also my older sister, Marta. We are different. She has no networks, she has studied Business and now she wants to do Theology. She is a great believer. She teaches catechism classes».
Precisely good gastronomy is one of the young woman’s passions. «I love going out to restaurants and cooking. It relaxes me a lot. I’m very good at paella,» she tells me after confessing that she is on a diet to embark this Christmas on the traditional cruise she takes with her mother’s family to the Caribbean. «I’m not capricious, not at all! I share a lot of clothes with my mother. We have the same taste. My grandfather took care of my Sunday allowance. He gave me only one euro!».

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Válelo Madrid is the result of the work of Valeria López, a businesswoman whose career has always been linked to the world of fashion. During her career she has worked for great emblems of national fashion such as Felipe Varela or Custo Barcelona. Now she is embarking on a new adventure and has chosen Mar Torres as her image to make her way in the always complicated universe of the fashion world.
Well, the truth is that I was a little nervous. I arrived calmly, but as I was entering the store and I started to see all the press, I started to get nervous. But now I’ve relaxed. I have seen you all very calm, very close and very everything, and the truth is that it has been very nice.
Válelo is an enterprising girl, strong, eager to fight and, above all, when she wants something, she gets it. And that is something I identify with. When I want something, I go for it and I go all the way. I like that.
So why did she decide to wear a flat shoe today? (Mar Torres wore vertiginous Christian Louboutin New very prive peep-toes in black patent leather. Their price exceeds 750 euros)

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