Marta belenguer instagram

Marta belenguer instagram

Dj ismael lora @ kapital young (january 2004)

Through concatenated sketches, a priori unconnected, Marta and Lorena paint paradoxical situations full of comedy. In them they reflect on the feminine condition and question the typical clichés, laughing even at their own shadow.
With Just do it work as leitmotiv, their work is based on action, flexibility, multidisciplinary capacity, dedication and proximity to others. And it is characterized by the use of organic materials such as: paper, wood and threads combined with digital tools (camera, scanner and computer).

Xanguito – més fàcil (official music video)

TOFUUA healthy way to eat protein! It is also very low in calories and fat, and has iron and even calcium. Everything my children need. A product that is never missing in my fridge. And in miso soup it’s delicious!
I am lactose intolerant and this drink was recommended to me because of its high carbohydrate content, which provides energy and I need it with the life I lead…. Very good value for money!
ORGANIC GINGERI love to use it in the kitchen because, in addition to its healing properties, it has that mix of acid, spicy and fresh that makes any dish better. I never forget ginger in vegetable creams.
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILA salad would be nothing without a good extra virgin olive oil. It has countless properties: it lowers blood pressure, controls cholesterol and is even good for the skin and hair.

El grupo – (1×30): gwyneth, toni and other girls of the bunch.

She had her first contact with television fiction in an internship in the Direction department in the series Stamos Okupa2 (Carmen Maura, Marta Belenguer) and her professional career began between 2013-2016 as a screenwriter and director of the webseries Sin Vida Propia, winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Web Festival,[3] Best Foreign Series at the Vancouver Web Fest[4] in Canada and nominated for Best Foreign Series at the Web TV Academy in the United States. [5] His short film El Camerino, starring Luis Bermejo, premiered at the Short Film Corner[6] at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.
In October 2019 she premiered her first feature film at SEMINCI, the documentary Almost Ghosts, winner of the award for Best Documentary at the Arizona International Film Festival[9] and with which she was a candidate for the 2020 Goya Awards[10] in categories such as Best Documentary, Best Screenplay and Best Direction. It obtained two nominations at the Valencian Audiovisual Academy Awards[11] for best direction and best editing.

Summer special | route of jaime i

Acid humor and a tolerable cruelty when it comes to «putting things in their place» are the main threads of the play «Lastres», a comedy that premieres in Murcia and in which Marta Belenguer, Anabel Alonso and Ana Fernández give life to three old friends.
Written by Jorge Roelas and directed by the Argentinean Heidi Steinhardt, «Lastres» delves into the difficulties that the transition from adolescence to adulthood can entail and the «miseries» that this situation spills over on a personal, family and friendship level.
These three women -Lucía (played by Ana Fernández), Concha (Anabel Alonso) and Teresa (Marta Belenguer)- have not assumed their responsibilities as adults and «this is reflected in their lives and even in their respective daughters, who are the great absentees, but at the same time present in this play».
What happened for them to have gone so long without seeing each other, and why do they need to say things to each other’s faces with a cruelty wrapped in humorous paper, are two of the questions that the spectator will ask in the first minutes of the play.

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