Melani soler instagram

Melani soler instagram

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Melani Soler, a member of Mujeres y hombres y viceversa (MYHYV) has just started her career in the love seat of Telecinco. However, her suitors are more than committed to her conquest. Such is the level that one of them, precisely her favorite, does not hesitate to stage in networks his feelings for the Catalan.
We are talking about Alex, a young fitness lover who since he crossed paths with Melani in the Mediaset dating show both have had a special chemistry that they have staged on several occasions. The first was in the initial appointment, where it could be seen how the understanding that they brought could position him in the ranking of favorites. And so it was.
Tronista and suitor share likes on InstagramThe second was last week when Alex won -not without controversy- in the rap singing challenge. “I kissed him because I liked the song more and because I felt like it,” Melani admitted after giving a kiss as a prize to her suitor.

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It happens that Diego and Álex Bueno (Fiama’s ex, remember) were ‘knowing’ the same person during their time on ‘MyHyV’. They did not coincide in the program, but both lived their ‘love story’ with Melani Soler, one of the ‘tronistas’ who passed through the program.
Melani chose Diego first. Both lived a nice romance until the boxer decided that she was not going to be among the three finalists. As we told you. “I didn’t expect to be the first eliminated,” she said at the time.
She was very angry, she left without further ado, but eventually it was also her turn to sit on the throne. Among the candidates to get her ‘cuore’ was Álex Bueno, a kind of veteran of the program.
There was an issue between Melani and Alex, of course. Although in the end the story didn’t work out either. Melani Soler and Álex Bueno ended in tears. He wanted to leave with the Catalan, but Melani resisted. And what had to happen happened: Álex said ‘this is as far as we’ve come’. “I hope you don’t lose someone who is worth it to keep meeting riff-raff,” he shot back. Soler still continued one more season in the program, but nothing was like before.

Who is melani soler? second part: the elimination

Melani’s character and antipathy sentenced her yesterday to be the first expelled of LA ISLA, a reality show that is sweeping among the audience and that yesterday won all its direct rivals in the duel of audiences to reap a good 17.2% of screen share and 2,270,000 viewers.
As MYHYV fans know, Melani left the throne alone after almost eight months and no more and no less than 32 suitors. Melani said she wanted to leave the throne alone because she did not find among any of those 32 suitors what she was looking for. Shortly after we learned in YOC that she was almost forced to leave the throne to cover the scandal that meant that she was seeing Alex Bueno throughout her throne. Alex would later uncover that confidence on his instagram account. For that reason, he was incomprehensibly awarded with the throne.
Today, after being Melani the first expelled of LA ISLA DE LAS TENTACIONES, she has been invited to the set of MYHYV where she has been reunited with her ex David Mune, current suitor of Nerea. Less pretty, they have said everything to each other since they ended their relationship very badly. Melani has warned Nerea to be very careful with David as he is not to be trusted “He is very womanizing and is not really interested in you”.

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Mujeres y hombres y viceversa (also known by the acronym MyHyV) is a dating show produced by Bulldog TV and broadcast on Cuatro since January 24, 2018,[2][3] although since it premiered on June 9, 2008 until then, it aired on Telecinco[4] for 2,416 programs.
The program is based on the Italian format Uomini e donne and is aimed at people without a partner. The tronistas are between 4 and 6, usually boys and girls in equal parts. These are the protagonists, who receive suitors who come to conquer them. Each day, the “tronista” can receive suitors who, after a brief presentation, he decides whether he wants to meet them or not.
Afterwards, the “tronista” will decide the individual appointments with each suitor, where they will have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better. The appointments have always been recorded outside the program although, since November 13, 2017, due to the discreet ratings of the program, the tronistas live together in a house located in Ciudalcampo (Madrid), where challenges or appointments that can be classic, blind or even shared with other tronistas are developed.[18] Even so, there is no enclosure, so they are not always in it and it is not necessary that the protagonists coincide inside.

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