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She was born in Barcelona on September 14, 1986. She belongs to a family of artists, since her mother, Martine Husson, was an actress and music-hall dancer; her father is the actor Miguel Ángel Jenner, known for his work in the world of dubbing, and who appeared in some TVE programs such as Los sabios or El edén and her brother David Jenner is also an actor specialized in dubbing.[2]Michelle has English descent from her father and French from her mother, and her ancestor Edward Jenner was the inventor of the smallpox vaccine.[3] In May 2011, she began filming the historical series of La 1 about the life of Isabel La Católica, Isabel.
In May 2011 she began filming the historical series of La 1 about the life of Isabel La Católica, Isabel, which began airing on September 10, 2012. In it she embodies, as the protagonist, Queen Isabella. Her role lasted for three seasons and ended with the death of the main character following the story of the same.[2] This work was a turning point in Jenner’s career, and earned her several awards and nominations. In 2012 she voiced Sara, one of the main characters in the animated film The Adventures of Tadeo Jones.[26] In 2014 she appeared in an episode of the series Cuéntame un cuento broadcast on Antena 3.[27] In 2014 she appeared in an episode of the series Cuéntame un cuento broadcast on Antena 3.[28] In 2014 she appeared in the series Cuéntame un cuento broadcast on Antena 3.

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In La cocinera de Castamar, Jenner gives life to Clara Belmonte, a woman who arrives in Castamar fleeing from a painful past. There she takes refuge in the kitchen, which becomes her great passion. She works for the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enriquez), a widower who will be changed forever by Clara’s arrival. Both fall in love, but have to struggle with their different social positions. Opposite them is Enrique de Arcona (Hugo Silva), who is thirsty for revenge. This time they will not play each other’s love interest -unless something changes in the plot-, but there is nothing left to see the great project together that all fans are waiting for.

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The actress we met in ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ has decided to give a twist to her image and has cut her hair at chin length.Click on the image to see more celebrity makeovers in 2019. / gtresMELISSA GONZÁLEZ
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Now Michelle has decided to go a step further and although she has lightened her hair slightly, she has cut it much shorter, adopting one of the trends that experts have already warned us would reign in 2021: very short hair with bangs.
The expert also revealed which faces favored short hair the most, such as diamond-shaped faces, like Rihanna, owner of the most radical pixie. But also “round, oval faces and women of short stature and long necks”.
“If the forehead is very wide, you can play with square bangs to change the rounded oval of the face, but also with elongated sideburns, which highlight the cheekbone and stylize the features. You can also play with elongated and very empty necks, stylizing the neck and creating the effect of a more elongated face,” she explained.

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