Nahir galarza instagram

Nahir galarza instagram

Nahír galarza reopened her social networks from prison and told him.

«He knows he lost it. They tried to get it back but she lost it,» said her manager Jorge Zonzini. In addition, he gave details of how are the detention conditions of the young woman accused of the murder of her boyfriend.
This was revealed by Jorge Zonzini, the spokesman and «media manager» of the Galarza family. «She cries a lot. She knows she lost her. They tried to get her back but she lost her,» he said about the young woman’s account on that social network.
Nahir was arrested at the end of last December and immediately her Instagram was closed. However, on January 10, and with her in jail and without access to cell phones or computers, the profile was back online with some striking changes: she stopped following three people and two photos showing her with Pastorizzo were deleted. Less than 24 hours later, it was taken down again. In the short time it was available, it exceeded 30 thousand followers.
The spokesman reiterated that there was a «violent link» between Galarza and Pastorizzo, specified that it was the young man who took the gun from Nahir’s police father and that the detainee confessed to the crime at first to avoid a possible arrest of her parents. «Nahir is not a monster, she is a student, a schoolgirl, a fan of Justin Bieber,» he finished off.

Nahir galarza: imprisoned, but with movements on instagram

Galarza was sentenced in the first instance to life imprisonment for homicide, aggravated by the circumstance of having maintained a stable partner relationship. She is the youngest woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment in Argentina.
In a video obtained by the police from a private security camera, a person with a very similar build to Galarza was seen walking at 05:22 am (local time), just six blocks from where Pastorizzo’s body was found.[20][21] For the prosecutor the video was a key piece that would place Galarza at the crime scene, although the family of the accused denied that the person in the video was her.[22]
In March 2020, the Supreme Court of Justice of Entre Rios rejected the challenge to the life sentence imposed on Nahir Galarza. In total, Nahir Galarza’s defense has made 2 appeals and both of them were rejected.[29] In the end, Nahir Galarza’s defense has made 2 appeals and both were rejected.[29

Nahir’s instagram has been reopened – el noticiero de la gente

Her Instagram was locked and only those who followed her could see her photos. The padlock was put on as soon as it was known that the young woman had surrendered to Justice.Before the murder she had 57 photos uploaded to the platform but now there are 55. That is to say that two images were deleted.
It is believed that this may be a strategy of her defense, which seeks to prove that they were not a couple and thus get a lesser penalty for the girl. If it is proven that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, she could be sentenced to life imprisonment, since it is a homicide aggravated by the link.

They closed nahir galarza’s instagram, but they appeared

Yesterday a commotion was raised after it was known that Nahir Galarza’s Instagram account had been reactivated and was open for anyone who wanted to enter her profile to see her photos.
However, yesterday, in the middle of the commotion and while the young woman’s Instagram followers increased in an impressive and morbid way, Zonzini went on air in the program Involucrados, of América TV and clarified that he was not the one who reopened Nahir’s account in the social network.
Meanwhile, there was a new change in the social network account. Now it no longer exists and it is not known who closed the account, if it was Instagram, Justice or if it is another strategy to «clean» the image of the young woman who confessed to the murder of Fernando Pastorizzo.

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