Omar montes instagram

Omar montes instagram

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Even so, it has been Marta Carriedo the one in charge of telling how the meeting with the singer went. «In the store we met Omar Montes. What a charming guy, what a charming person. How cool to discover people who are doing so well and who are so close,» she explained, surprised to meet the is not known if this will be the beginning of a friendship or will remain an anecdote for both, but what is known is that the followers of both Omar Montes and Paula Echevarría have been revolutionized by this sudden crossover of celebrities.

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Although his debut in the media was as the partner of Isabel Pantoja’s daughter, something that led him to participate in reality TV shows like Gran Hermano VIP 6 and Supervivientes 2019, the young man from Carabanchel has managed to carve out a solid musical career that has led him to sell thousands of albums and perform all over the country.
«Does anyone buy my book all of a sudden?» he wrote in the image where the cover of the book is shown. Under the title Mi vida mártir, Omar Montes announces his first written publication in whose cover he appears in the foreground, looking at the camera and making a comb.

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«Oh, that’s how you feel, isn’t it?» the Klan benjamin commented to him in the comments section reminding him that she had surpassed him in ‘likes’.  «Finally there’s something positive from this quarantine: these photos,» said another user. But the thing has not stayed there since Omar Montes has wanted to get into ‘faena’ and respond to Kylie: «@kyliejenner I hope k lo k you said is nothing bad k me for my Rosalia ma – to». Of course, as the singer likes to tease and get into all the mess ….
As expected in an artist who has made social networks one of her main tools for promotion and interaction with her fans, the truth is that Rosalía has been delighting her fans for several days with snapshots of her daily life, which includes her daily work sessions in the makeshift studio she has «set up» in her house. I set up my studio wherever I can,» she joked last week, «Each one as he/she can!

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The short video fragment spread on Instagram in which his natural voice is heard has caused a stir in the networks and followers have begun to comment on the matter, many of them making fun of the former contestant and winner of ‘Supervivientes 2019’, although there are also those who support him.
The former boyfriend of Isa Pantoja has not commented on the controversy, but it is worth remembering that he has never denied that he used the help of these tools to develop his songs and improve his voice. That is why this leak is not likely to affect the artistic career of Montes, whose popularity is booming.

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