Omar sanchez instagram

Omar sanchez instagram

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Omar Sanchez, Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend, has lost more than 12 kilograms during the three months he has been in Supervivientes 2021. This event has taken its toll on the contestant and has forced him to be absent from the final of the reality show. Now, the contestant has reappeared on Instagram and in a ‘story’ of this social network has shown how he has recovered his figure after five weeks since his departure from the program.
The wedding of Anabel Pantoja and Omar SánchezAfter delaying their wedding up to two times due to health restrictions, Anabel Pantoja announced that the couple will celebrate their wedding in September while Sánchez was in the middle of the Supervivientes 2021 contest. Both the Telecinco collaborator and the sportsman are already working on the wedding preparations. A ceremony to be held in Gran Canaria surrounded by their family and closest friends. However, it has not yet been confirmed if Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja will attend the awaited day.

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Instagram @omar_sancheze33 The wedding just around the cornerCircumstances have prevented Anabel Pantoja from spending these weeks with her boy but they are finally together. There is little more than a month left for their wedding and the couple has to get down to work. Health restrictions have prevented them from celebrating a ceremony in style as was the wish of Isabel Pantoja’s niece, but the couple does not want to let it go any longer and next September they will say ‘yes, I do’ in Gran Canaria surrounded by their family and closest friends. The countdown has begun…

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All but one. Omar Sanchez was not on the couches among the former survivors of this edition. Alexia Rivas, who had not been on the show for a few weeks, was there to welcome Tom, who became the fifth finalist. As well as Lara Sajen, Carlos Alba and Palito Dominguín, among others.
However, Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend had to be absent from this exciting final presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez. The canary shared a story on his Instagram explaining to his followers the reason for his absence.

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Whether Anabel Pantoja is on the set of ‘Sálvame Diario’ or not, everything she does becomes viral and we have to talk about her for days. This time it was not her who posted a picture to her Instagram profile that has revolutionized the media landscape, but her boyfriend, Omar Sanchez.
‘El negro’ (as the television collaborator calls them) has published an image in which he comes out touching Anabel Pantoja’s tummy, a photograph that has no text, but if it had it could perfectly be the couple’s pregnancy announcement. As soon as he posted the publication on his Instagram profile, Omar has received many comments from his followers and has unleashed the alarm of a possible pregnancy on the part of the niece.
Far from reality, we understand that it is not so, since if Anabel had become pregnant she would communicate it herself through her social networks, in addition to her partner, which she has not done and from what we see, she is not going to do. We have to remember that the collaborator has always shown herself through her Instagram profile without complexes and has never had any qualms about exposing her body naturally, with her curves.

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