Omar suarez instagram

Omar suarez instagram

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«Omar doesn’t want to know anything about all this. He went back to work and he’s very happy,» said Lucía, making it clear that Suárez, unlike her, has decided to put his distance from television and everything that surrounds him. Then, Lucía confessed that they do not usually talk or remember how it was their time in the reality show.
Lucia assured that she does not regret at all having accepted to enter the reality show: «Personally, it was very good for me. We had a very toxic relationship, I came from a very toxic relationship and I never decided to bet strongly on this relationship. And as soon as there was a problem, we left. And that is not healthy. But this helped me to realize that I was really in love with him», she explained.

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With a video he posted on Instagram of about fifty seconds, Omar recorded himself while taking off his clothes and putting on a Mickey Mouse pajama. During it, the businessman can be heard saying a few things about complying with the mandatory lockdown the country is under to prevent the contagion and spread of the coronavirus.Suarez begins by saying, «I always told you, ‘Come to Cocodrilo that Cocodrilo is a party,’ that every night of your life you come to the temple of the night. Today the reality is different. And today, just as I always asked you to come, today I ask you to stay at home, as I do. And I carry Cocodrilo in my soul, but today the reality is to think of the one next door».

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Diego Omar Suarez. In 2014 Diego Omar Suarez was kicked out of his town square, but he didn’t give up. He created a character that is trending in today’s social network, where he already has nearly 8 million followers. Diego Omar Suarez, the man behind the machine.
«I was afraid of being left dancing alone, but people got together and I made a good cap, what I collected was more or less what I earned in a day’s work at the hypermarket. That calmed me down because my mother had told me ‘you bring me money at home here’. She is a teacher, we are five siblings and we had to help».
From that moment on, Diego Omar Suarez started to do up to seven shows a day, from Monday to Saturday, so that what he liked to do would also allow him to live. When he finished, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, he would stay in front of his reflection in the shop windows, practicing.
«One day when I had danced for a long time and made a big cap, I came home and asked my mom to count the money. It was quite a lot, at that moment she understood that there were chances to make a living from this, but of course, she didn’t like me working in the street», he recalls.

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Omar Suárez, well-known reporter of ‘Sálvame’, has denounced in his social networks the difficulties faced by deaf people due to the widespread use of opaque masks against coronavirus, as they prevent them from being able to read lips.
The journalist, son of two deaf people, has launched a message to raise awareness of this problem: «As always, minorities are the ones who lose the most. As the son of deaf people, can you explain to me how they are going to communicate with hearing people now, how they can read lips if the masks are not transparent?
As always the minorities are the ones who lose the most. As a child of deaf people, explain to me how they are going to communicate with hearing people now, how can they read lips if the masks are not transparent?@IgualdadGob @DSocialesGob @M_Presidencia- Omar Suárez (@Omar_Su) April 13, 2020
Following the publication of his tweet, Suarez has received support from people in his same situation, although others have not taken that same stance. «I maintain that it should be taken into account that deaf people cannot communicate with hearing people. Many deaf people and family members have written to me and I echo this, first and foremost for my parents.  How sad to read some comments and how necessary empathy is,» he noted in another message.

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