Oscar casas instagram

Oscar casas instagram

Granada nights

Not only in the field of sport, but in the professional field he also seems to enjoy the same fortune: he has several projects to be released as the series ‘Jaguar’ on Netflix with Blanca Suarez, as well as the film ‘Xtremo’ also on the platform. In addition, it was recently announced the beginning of the shooting of the film ‘HollyBlood’, a romantic comedy of vampires starring Oscar Casas.
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The Casas brothers have revolutionized Instagram with a viral video that has already accumulated more than five million reproductions. There is no one who can resist them! Who are the celebrities spending their forties with? / gtresHOY CORAZÓN
The video is a dance to the rhythm of reggaeton with twerk included with his brother, which begins with a performance of «fight» to see who wins better to the camera. The video has spread like wildfire, surpassing the more than
View this post on InstagramComment or like if you’ve also seen Hache in Mario and Oscar’s video. @mario_housesA post shared by La Vecina Rubia (@lavecinarubia) on 9 May, 2020 at 1:10 PDTThe video of Mario Casas joins the.
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The Casas brothers have done it again! It is clear that Mario and Oscar not only have talent for acting, but also for dancing, and aware of this they have once again revolutionized the social networks with their steps and rhythm.Mario Casas shared a video, on his Instagram account, in which he appears posing in front of the camera, disputing the foreground with his younger brother, which seems to lead to a violent fight between the actors.  However, to the surprise of his followers, they solve it by dancing to the rhythm of «Raka Taka Taka», even the remembered protagonist of «3 meters above the sky» dares to move his hips to the rhythm of ‘twerking’, demonstrating the complicity and good mood he has with his brother Oscar, with whom he is spending his forties, being the whole family together at his home outside Madrid. In just a matter of hours, the video of Mario Casas and his brother has added more than 6 million views and has already gone viral, making the name of the actors in ‘trending topic’ among countless compliments and funny memes. (Europa Press)

Three steps above heaven

Óscar Casas is enjoying China’s tourism to the fullest. The Asian country has managed to get some of the most sought-after influencers to travel there this July. It is an initiative of the National Tourism Administration that aims to grow tourism in the country. We tracked down his Instagram and found out all about the handsome ‘Casas Junior’ – OMG!
Mario Casas’ younger brother is very devoted to his followers with whom he shares practically his day to day life. As we’ve been able to see on Instagram, Oscar is soaking up the culture, history and nature of the Asian country. And we love seeing him this happy and sexy!

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