Pilar eyre instagram

Pilar eyre instagram

Pilar eyre’s cruel mockery of olga moreno

The journalist and writer Pilar Eyre (Barcelona, 1951) assures that she sees «a certain setback» in the situation of women and has expressed her fear that the economic situation will worsen it. «I am afraid that the crisis will once again confine women to the home and that the few jobs that exist will be taken only by men».
The journalist Pilar Eyre will present this Wednesday, January 26, her book ‘María la Brava’, from Editorial Esfera de los Libros, at 7.30 p.m. in the Sala de Ámbito Cultural of El Corte Inglés on Paseo Independencia. The presenter of the event will be the director of Aragón Radio, Rosa Pellicero.

Carmen lomana gets fed up with the attacks on the queen

«Yo, el rey», the biography of Juan Carlos I written by journalist Pilar Eyre, will be turned into a TV series by the production company The Mediapro Studio (Globomedia) and with Javier Olivares, creator of «El ministerio del tiempo», in charge of the adaptation.
Currently in pre-production, the series will be divided into three seasons of about ten episodes each, and will have, in addition to Eyre’s book, «an exhaustive documentation work based on reliable historical facts», announced today in a joint statement the production company and the publishing house La Esfera de los libros.
Eyre confessed that when he was writing it «he fantasized about making it into a series and that the scriptwriter would be Javier Olivares». For the scriptwriter of «El ministerio del tiempo» and «Isabel» it is «a very big responsibility».

From marisol to pepa flores: we analyze the figure of the actress amb

Who is, in reality, Juan Carlos de Borbón? Pilar Eyre, writer and journalist expert on the Royal House, Eyre has published ‘Yo, el Rey’ (La Esfera de los Libros), an intimate portrait that dismantles the superficial image of the emeritus to discover and understand the personality of the father of Felipe VI.
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The life of juan carlos i in the book «yo, el rey» by pilar eyre

A few days ago Antonio García Ferreras confirmed in Al Rojo Vivo the upcoming wedding of Susana Gallardo and Manuel Valls and now Pilar Eyre has gone a little further in her blog of Lecturas and has put two illustrious guests on the list for the big event.
And to conclude, she sows the seed of doubt: «I ask if there is a trick behind these cancellations: «No way, she presents medical certificates and, in addition, she is the main injured party. By canceling her tour, at least, she has stopped earning a million euros!».

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