Pilar rubio instagram

Pilar rubio instagram

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Pilar Rubio continues to acclimatize to her new life in Paris with Sergio Ramos, a challenge considering that the TV star will have to combine her residence in the French capital with her professional commitments as El Hormiguero in Madrid, something that she has already begun to experience in her first weeks in France.
However, Pilar Rubio is in Paris right now, and in fact a few days ago she shared an interesting physical training in her new residence, where she took advantage of her swimming pool. Now, Sergio Ramos’ partner has triumphed again on her Instagram account, this time with a spectacular bikini pose that has left her followers breathless.

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Pilar Rubio subió una foto mostrando el cariño entre ella y su marido Sergio Ramos. La actriz española se acostó junto al capitán del Real Madrid en la cama y la compartió con sus seguidores, junto a un íntimo mensaje. «Mi almohada favorita, Sergio Ramos. Buenas noches y feliz fin de semana», escribió Rubio en Instagram.
«Te quiero», fue la respuesta del defensa del Real Madrid.A continuación, Ramos subió la misma foto a su propia cuenta, con un mensaje dedicado a su mujer. «Te quiero Pilar Rubio», escribió Ramos, a lo que su mujer contestó «dulces sueños, mi amor».Las dos fotos acumulan entre ambas casi dos millones de ‘me gusta’ en Instagram.

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Just before settling in Paris, the presenter says goodbye to the summer from Madrid showing off her flat and strong abdomen and sharing a fun photo of the family (almost) in full: with her 4 children and several of her 8 dogs, but without Sergio Ramos.
Just a few hours before, Pilar Rubio resorted again to Instagram to show one of her most applauded poses to date. Dressed in a loose crop top and bikini bottoms, she shows off her great figure, showing off her shapely arms and her flat and defined abdomen. Spectacular!
Her worked out physique is no surprise, since the collaborator of ‘El Hormiguero’ has always confessed to be passionate about exercise and does not hesitate to share her workout sessions with her followers.
Undoubtedly, her work in Pablo Motos’ program demands a great physical preparation. Her weekly challenges section is one of the most talked about of the TV show, in which she has faced challenges and has overcome all kinds of skills (apnea, archery, handling heavy machinery…).

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Once again Pilar Rubio has shared a picture of her day to day on Instagram. This time it has been the time to put her son Alejandro to bed. The collaborator, who combines her work on television with the care of her children, has shown an image of tenderness but that has made the networks explode.
The photograph shows Pilar sitting on a sofa with her son in her arms. The baby’s room stands out for its decoration, with green and white stripes on the walls and a tree painted with animals on the branches.

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