Raquel salazar instagram

Raquel salazar instagram

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Devoid of all artifice, Raquel publishes videos where she can be seen preparing her most appetizing dishes. An idea that was born as a mere entertainment and that has been the germ of the creation of her own signature of frying pans. JALEOS has talked to Noemí Salazar’s mother about Easy cook with Raquel Salazar, the name of her new business.
«I am always created and working, everything but stealing. With the confinement they canceled us the recordings of Los Gipsy Kings, the new season was going to have more episodes and in the end it has remained in two special chapters, and that is money that we have stopped earning. I was super depressed, crying and all desperate to figure out how to keep earning at this time. So I talked to my community manager and we started thinking about the idea,» explains Raquel, who already has the pans with her own name on them for sale.

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The one who could be in advanced negotiation to be part of ‘Supervivientes 2019’, as we already explained in another article, is on the warpath with someone and has shouted it to the four winds in her Instagram story. Some details, such as the nickname with which she addresses that person, have led us to draw hasty conclusions and we thought it was Noemí Salazar. But as rectifying is wise, here we are to clarify that it is not her. Dakota has released a statement through the same channel to tell us what’s going on:
‘Let’s see, you are talking too much, the queen of glitter is neither Noemi Salazar nor Raquel Salazar, besides, they are wonderful people so looking for controversy … you can eat my flower’, wrote the ‘celeb’. So we rule out that something happened between them, but we keep asking ourselves the same question: who is this ‘glitter queen’? who dares to speak ill of Dakota and her family? Well, apparently it’s a girl from Vallecas who has this name on her Instagram account, at least we hope she knows that: ‘You can get out of jail, but not the cemetery’, (quoting the very protagonist of this story in her time on ‘Hermano Mayor’).

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View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@belenesteban_cf) on Oct 28, 2019 at 8:09 PDTBelén Esteban has spoken about Noemí’s contest in her job as a commentator, something that seems to have hurt the young woman’s mother, Raquel Salazar, a lot. That is why
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Recall that Noemi was a contestant in the seventh edition of Gran Hermano VIP, when she met Alba Carrillo and Estela Grande, participants of the same and with whom she forged a good friendship. So much so that the three will star in several chapters of this season of Los Gypsy Kings full of famous faces, like them or the same Omar Montes.
Noemí herself told her followers by sharing a picture with her husband, Anton, in the new house. «God always keeps his promises!» she exclaimed in the caption. Friends and acquaintances have not hesitated to rejoice for her and congratulate her for this new vital stage among which we can highlight El Cejas, contestant of the same edition of GH VIP, Anabel Pantoja or Carolina Sobe.

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