River viiperi instagram

River viiperi instagram

We talked to river viiperi about his success in networks in the entrev

River Viiperi wanted to deny the version of the alleged assault on Jessica Goicoechea published by some media in a statement via Instagram a few hours after La Vanguardia revealed his arrest for the incident happened at his home.
River Viiperi, on Jessica Goicoechea: «Running away from a person I love? «In a conversation with a well-meaning fan, River commented that «it’s better to face problems head on every time», but among the comments another follower reproached her for running away from Goicochea «because you know she’s absolutely right». That’s when River declared that she still loves her ex-partner: «Running away from a person I love? Interesting assumption. What I do know is that you are not right. Hearing opinions from people who don’t have the slightest idea about a subject is most interesting».
The Internet user brings up the videos that went viral on social networks after the incident became known and he challenges her three times to verbalize what happened. «Look at the videos that were leaked,» says the user @barbicm98. To which he replies, «Yes, I’ve seen them. But tell me, what did I do?». «I see you can’t answer my question,» replies Paris Hilton’s ex.

Jessica goicoechea @goicoechea22 instagram

The influencer has planted two pigtails to make a direct with his followers that has not been free of controversy and is that among the questions that some asked him, has come out one in reference to Maria and he, neither short nor lazy, has answered it without mincing his words (‘viperina’).
Clearly it is a message for everything that happened in his day after River’s arrest for having beaten up his now ex, Jessica Goicoechea. In those moments both Maria and many other influs came to Jessica’s defense and showed her all their support.
María assured that she never liked how the model treated Jessica and that, despite not being close friends, she had told her that she did not have to put up with that kind of treatment: «That she was not alone and that whatever she needed I was there».

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Sign InLas fotos más calientes de River Viiperi en InstagramEmily TanPublicado: 15 de septiembre de 2016Instagram: @riverviiperiSi pensabas que a Justin Bieber le gustaba mostrar su trasero desnudo en Instagram, River Viiperi le ha ganado la partida.El modelo hispano-finlandés no solo no tiene reparos en quitárselo todo, sino que esas miradas ardientes harán que tu temperatura suba: ha modelado para firmas de la talla de Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, American Eagle y Versace para H&M -oh sí, también salió con la famosa Paris Hilton. (Ahora está con la modelo Nicole Banner, pero no creemos que a ella le importe que miremos a su hombre). Hemos reunido las fotos más calientes y sin camiseta del Instagram del modelo de 25 años, que puedes ver arriba: Las fotos más calientes de Justin Bieber en Instagram

Drama week| jessica goicoechea and river viiperi

It’s been a week since River Viiperi’s accusation of abuse against Jessica Goicoechea came to light. Last Tuesday the social networks exploded with the news of the arrest of the Ibiza model for allegedly having beaten up his ex-girlfriend, the influencer Jessica Goicoechea.
The alleged aggressor — at liberty with charges — denied the facts, although some videos to which Metrópoli Abierta had access showed the verbal violence exercised by Viiperi on Goicoechea. Despite these visual documents that evidenced an aggressive attitude, the one-time ex-boyfriend of billionaire Paris Hilton issued a statement denying what had been published in all the media.
The Instagram stories seem not to have caused a good feeling among his followers -who are fewer and fewer since the controversy came to light-. Although River Viiperi has made an effort to erase the comments that have since filled his photographs, you can still see some in which he is accused of «sexist», «abuser» «disgusting pig» or «bad person».

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