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Rober castellano instagram

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The UGT-PV union has described as «positive» the registered unemployment data for the month of July in the Valencian Community, although it has stressed that «the recovery of employment must overcome the temporality and precariousness on which it is based» and has marked as a «priority» «improving the quality of employment and raising the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI)».
The union has recognized that «very positive measures have been carried out to curb unemployment during the pandemic period», but continues to demand «measures that give a 180-degree turn to the situation of the labor market».
To this end, Mora stressed, «we must take advantage of the plans and resources coming from Europe to implement measures as soon as possible to meet the targets set and take advantage of European funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan to change our production model and correct the structural imbalances suffered by the labor market».
In addition, UGT considers it necessary, for the economic recovery to be «full and stable», «to continue maintaining the ERTES in those companies where it is necessary and to advance in the creation of employment, based on decent and quality working conditions, because to continue cementing the labor market based on precariousness, temporality and partiality, besides not being fair, will only lead to failure and greater inequality».

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La corporación de desarrollo económico público-privado de Filadelfia. PIDC impulsa inversiones que crean puestos de trabajo, revitalizan los barrios e impulsan el crecimiento en todos los rincones de Filadelfia. PIDC es una organización sin ánimo de lucro fundada por la ciudad de Filadelfia y la Cámara de Comercio del Gran Filadelfia en 1958.
Raspberry Pi: La Fundación Raspberry Pi es una organización benéfica con sede en el Reino Unido que trabaja para poner el poder de la informática y la creación digital en manos de personas de todo el mundo. Lo hacemos para que más personas puedan aprovechar el poder de la informática y las tecnologías digitales para trabajar, resolver problemas que les importan y expresarse de forma creativa.
Bohemian Guitars: La empresa fue fundada por los hermanos Adam y Shaun Lee, que se criaron en Johannesburgo (Sudáfrica) y se inspiraron en los residentes de los municipios locales que reutilizaban materiales usados para convertirlos en instrumentos para tocar.
Laura es propietaria de Laurel Tree Bindery: Análisis del episodio55 minplaylist_add21 de julio de 2021Kara Khan, de Pop-up PolaroidEnlaces de personas y lugares mencionados durante el podcast

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The band has a wide variety of references. From the garage revival of the Strokes, through the surf punk of Surf Curse and the classic rock of the Who to the early punk of groups like the Stooges or Death, fused with Liam’s vocal lines that in many cases contain tinges of rap or reggae and lyrics in his native English.
Instrumentally, the guitar is usually rhythmically oriented and the bass is melodic, unlike what is often the case. Recently they have started to experiment with different roles that Liam can have apart from singing, such as playing a second guitar or using synthesizers.
Within the garage aesthetic, Monday Potions produce their own self-released works under their label Japan-Sevylle Records Ltd. Having been described as «the musical project from Bilbao to discover» in a recent interview, and the press cites various reminiscences in their sound, from Lou Reed and Serge Gainsbourg to The Strokes.
Nize are Andrea (guitar and vocals), Intza (drums and vocals) and Niko (bass). They play post rock with lyrics in Basque with some songs also in English. Their melodies are dark and full of fuzz and underworld vocals. The band was born in early 2017 in Arangoiti, but was not formalized until late 2018.

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More than a hundred companies and adhered organizations attend in Tarragona to the official presentation of a strategic initiative of a country that has been working for months for the society and the economy of renewable hydrogen.
A research team from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, the University of Toronto and the University of Zagreb demonstrates that this type of diet improves blood glucose levels and other cardiometabolic risk factors.
A more detailed understanding of their functions, both in physiological and pathological situations, is crucial in the development of new clinical tools for the treatment of patients with these diseases.

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