Rocio amar instagram

Rocio amar instagram

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A few days ago Rocío Amar sowed doubts about Jesé Rodríguez’s paternity: she was pregnant and this would be the footballer’s sixth child. It was during a conversation with Amor Romeira in ‘Solos’ where the Canarian revealed.  “Shall I tell you a little thing? In a few months we will talk and maybe there will be a surprise,” she said.
In addition, the canaria took the opportunity to apologize and talk about her confrontation with Aurah days ago. “I never wanted to compete with her because I know she is a person who is not worth it… I do not compete with her, I do not compete with anyone for a guy… I miss things I’ve lived with him, but then I say why?” she explained.

Aurah direct instagram explodes against jese rodriguez and rocio

Rocío Amar got in touch through a phone call with her great friend Amor Romeira, who is living in the ‘Solos’ flat with Iván Díaz. The young woman took the opportunity to drop a bombshell that left the participants of the reality show speechless: she could be pregnant by UD Las Palmas footballer Jesé Rodríguez!
Unaware of any controversy, Jesé Rodríguez shared a message on his social networks on the occasion of the start of LaLiga. “An exciting season begins. The best thing today is to see this stadium again with our fans. Come on! Team and fans together,” the striker wrote on his Instagram profile.

Rocio amar direct instagram answers haters speaks of jese and

After revealing the pregnancy of Rocío Amar, the ex of Jesé and mother of his third child, the canary Aurah Ruiz, who also began the road to fame in ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’, became a fierce. Discussions between them followed one after another on Instagram until Rocío made mutis por el foro. Behind the controversy also beat Jesé’s alleged infidelity with Rocío Amar in Ibiza when he was in his relationship back with Aurah, after a resounding reconciliation that cost the footballer his departure from Paris Saint-Germain and his return to Gran Canaria, to the ranks of Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, a team of the SmartBank League.
In the course of the chat, Rocio Amar told all about the current state of her relationship with Jesé, making it clear that, although she misses what she has lived with him, the love between them is dead. That, for the moment, because with the canary you never know. If not, tell that to Aurah Ruiz.

Rocío está muy enamorada | amar a morir – t1e59

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