Samanta villar instagram

Samanta villar instagram

Samanta villar on instagram live (30-04-2020)

Journalist and reporter Samanta Villar is experiencing a bitter conflict with her ex-husbands, who are trying to charge her from the bond for some damages she claims she did not cause in the rented apartment she recently left.  «I need advice,» she says in stories she titles «Escandalazo con mi expiso» (Scandal with my ex-husband). The reporter says that the day she left her previous apartment she handed over the keys while waiting for the deposit to be returned, but not before taking a series of photos of the entire apartment.  Now, she is being asked for a 700 euro discount for a broken shutter slat and the extractor hood in the kitchen, which in the photos provided by the landlord appears to be completely broken.  But Samanta Villar had the precaution of taking photos, as we say, in which, as she shows, the hood was in perfect condition when she left the apartment.  Now Samanta Villar poses the dilemma: «Do I get into a lawsuit for 700 euros?». Her followers have it clear, since 82% think that yes she should claim in a survey that the presenter herself has in her social network.  Then the journalist shows a multitude of messages from people outraged with the case and to whom something similar has happened.  «Owners and real estate companies, we have a problem», Villar sentences before the avalanche of messages with similar cases that she receives.

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Cuatro’s new format aims to take the essence of Villar’s classic programs but delving into the human side of the characters. Samanta y la vida de is a sort of continuation of her previous work, La vida con Samanta , where the journalist brought real stories and reflections to the audience.
In it we can see the singer assuring that «the brave one is not the one who is not afraid but the one who looks fear in the face». And it seems that the artist «knows well what she is talking about», explains Villar in the aforementioned publication. «She was almost never born, she has lived a different childhood and what she has achieved has been hard earned. Ruth is a girl who deserves to triumph; one of those people to whom you wish everything goes well in life because she is full of generosity and love,» he concludes. Today at 10:45 pm on Cuatro starts Samanta y la vida de.

Samanta villar on instagram live (07-04-2020).

«I need advice for a scandal I’m living». So begins the plea that Samanta Villar makes to her followers on Instagram. A presenter who seemed missing and now look at her, with a new drama to tell the world.
She shows, through images that she herself made, how one of the slats of a shutter broke shortly before leaving the apartment. Okay, so far so good… But the surprise comes when a photograph of the kitchen hood appears.
Villar says that she left it in perfect condition, and in the image sent to her by the landlords it appears completely destroyed. And for this (plus the shutter) they ask for 700 euros of the deposit? Was there a poltergeist in the ‘MasterChef’ fan house that got out of hand? We do not know.

Samanta villar on instagram live (27-04-2020)

She took classes with renowned international teachers such as Matt Steffanina, Yanis Marshall, Chio Yamada and Candance Brown. She was choreographer for the music video «Negrita» by the Kchiporros. She worked as a choreographer with brands such as Corona, Claro and Vitamina.
Instagram: 19, 2021Ep. 39 | Keys to lead your team – with Patricia Nieto – Tu Potencial FemeninoPatricia Nieto is a specialist in leadership and strategies for goal achievement. Writer and author of books on these topics. Organizational and life coach, team coach. For more than 20 years she has been professionally facilitating workshops, courses, seminars and conferences both in her country, Paraguay, and abroad. She also has more than 10 years of experience in personalized accompaniment or coaching. In her social networks and her Youtube channel she constantly shares tips for leadership, teamwork, goal achievement, personal and professional development and much more.

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