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Sergio espinar instagram

Sergio espinar

Whether you are a regular user of Instagram or not, you will know that this social network is home to a large number of profiles dedicated to all kinds of topics: from beauty and personal care, through fashion, technology or cooking and of course, fitness. Thanks to the content of some of these users we can learn a lot of things without having to spend hours searching the Internet.
One of the most popular topics on Instagram is healthy living, made up of those accounts that upload healthy recipe ideas and those dedicated to fitness itself. Although many of them focus on both: workouts and healthy nutrition. Whether it’s because you’re into fitness or because you want to start living a healthier life, keep reading this article because we’ve selected for you the best Instagram accounts specialized in fitness that you should start following today. Let’s take a look at them.
This account belongs to a YouTuber specialized in sports and nutrition and already accumulates almost half a million followers on Instagram. Elena Malova’s account tackles a lot of disciplines: from yoga and pilates to strength or high intensity exercises. You can train by following her videos or her Instagram Stories.

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The good weather has arrived and it’s time to sculpt our body to show off a great figure at the pool or on the beach. Believe it or not, you still have a few weeks ahead of you, and if you make the most of them, they will allow us to lose those extra kilos that torment us so much or define our figure a little bit.
Today we are going to recommend some Instagram profiles where you can follow tips from people who are dedicated body and soul to be in perfect physical condition doing their favorite sport.
Now we are going to talk about @Powerexplosive, where David Marchante and his legion of followers (nothing more and nothing less than 1 million) are waiting for us. He gives us tips for losing excess fat, for muscle failure, tricks for training when we are in menopause, and how to perform the optimal rest between sets. In addition, he also offers information on protein, creatine or the much talked about intermittent fasting. He organizes symposiums from time to time and also recommends books.

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When it comes to following a healthy diet or changing our diet towards a healthier model, we don’t really know which way to turn: nowadays we have a lot of information, especially on the internet, and sometimes we don’t know who is providing us with quality information and who is “selling us the bike”.
Together with Aitor Sanchez and Barbara Sanchez (sports nutritionist) founded the Aleris Nutrition Center in Madrid, which already has a new location in Valencia. If you are looking for information about healthy nutrition in general and about vegetarian and vegan diet in particular, Lucía’s social media profiles are a must, with information always based on scientific studies.
“The profession of dietitian-nutritionist would be the ideal to respond to dietary concerns but does not have the recognition it deserves” Of those reflections that are worth remembering the days of bridge that one works. Video of the program “Aquí hay trabajo” of La2 in which we talk about this profession and some of the potential job opportunities. We also reflect on how the message is being transmitted by health personnel. A post shared by Mi Dieta Cojea – Aitor Sánchez (@midietacojea) on Dec 7, 2017 at 2:06 PST

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We encourage you to overcome laziness and go all out with your workouts. These five Instagram accounts from fitness experts are a good antidote to demotivation; on them you’ll find different specific routines, nutrition tips and real radical transformations. And although it is not the same as having an exclusive trainer for you that fits your needs and goals, we can say (using the proverb) that for lack of bread, good things come in cakes… Follow them…
Juanjo is the personal trainer of several celebrities and he perfectly combines his family life with his work, as he shows in his Instagram profile. Promoting a healthier life is his maxim.
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