Sonia ferrer instagram

Sonia ferrer instagram

Sonia ferrer has a new boyfriend, a young man of 25 years old.

But things between them went wrong and their relationship ended. However, it seems that these months have served for Sonia Ferrer to recover and find the illusion again with a new love, a young man named Sergio who works as a national police officer in Madrid.
Sonia Ferrer is again excited about this new relationship. In fact, a few days ago she already spoke about it before the television cameras, confessing how she felt: «Who was going to tell me. I never thought I could find anyone, let alone someone as incredible as him. When you least expect it, the most wonderful man in the world appears».

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A capture that to avoid Instagram’s strict nudity censorship has cut right in the area of the breasts. «You’re beautiful from every angle», «You’re looking forward to flirt on instagram», «What a body, mare meva» or «Get in the shade you’re going to melt», are some of the many messages that his more than 64,000 followers on Instagram have sent him.
The next few weeks are expected to be busy for the Telemadrid presenter. The Catalan is currently presenting the weekend space of the autonomic, De todo corazón. A program of pink press that will go on vacation during the next month of August, although not its presenter Sonia Ferrer.
She will be in charge of taking over from Inés Ballester, who has fought a hard battle against the coronavirus, and will be in charge of the program Está pasando. An afternoon show, in which different current affairs are debated, which Sonia Ferrer will be in charge of during the whole month of August while Ballester is enjoying her summer vacations.

Sonia ferrer tells of her daughter’s ‘anger’ when watching her on tv

They criticize her for being too thin, even to the point of being offensive. «That thinness is very ugly» «You are a bag of bones, you would be better with some more weight» «You are giving an unreal image for those who think they can have a body like yours,» commented some users.
horoscopeLeoAs fire element, with a will of power and very noble, they need to feel the center of admiration of the others, they have a great capacity of organization and very responsible if they need to extreme their feelings they can get to dramatize in extreme some situations.

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If days ago Sonia Ferrer talked about orgasms, and this week she explained her experience in sex shops, this Friday, in the program presented by Inés Ballester, journalist Teresa Viejo has revealed among other issues related to sex, how was a meeting with friends in which they gave each other Chinese balls, as well as that the day after trying them they called each other to exchange their experiences and sensations.
The social network Instagram always gives rise to the publication of the ‘hottest’ photos of celebrities, especially in summer, when low temperatures and the proliferation of visits to pools and beaches invite to exhibit more skin than usual.
The presenter attended the Iris Awards 2017 after the publication of some photographs with the rider in Tarifa in which they showed a very complicit attitude: «I’m not going to talk about this. Ask him,» said the presenter with laughter.
Sonia Ferrer, collaborator of Amigas y conocidas, morning show of La 1, told in first person how she suffered the robbery and reflected on whether it is better to defend oneself and confront a robber or surrender everything without resistance.

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