Tamara falco preysler instagram

Tamara falco preysler instagram

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As it could not be less, Isabel Preysler’s daughter, Tamara Falcó, has also joined the trend and has taken off everything to the delight of her more than 500,000 followers. We are talking about a picture, of the most explosive, with which the fashion businesswoman defies, as much as possible, the strict censorship laws on Instagram. Will you stay without seeing it?
«Here’s to all of you for a Merry Christmas. Thank you for your support and love. I wish you a Christmas full of light.» This has been the message that Isabel Preysler’s daughter has shared, on her Instagram account, next to a photograph of absolute scandal. A picture in which Tamara Falcó appears with her back to the camera, wearing a minimalist white top, with which she leaves all her back and shoulders uncovered, while posing with her gaze lost and holding with her right hand a huge glass of white wine. However, in order not to lose the glamour that characterizes her so much, Tamara finishes the picture wearing black velvet pants, matching with a blazer, which rests, almost about to fall, over her left shoulder.


But where’s all the fuss? Well, it has always been said that Chábeli was born on September 3rd, and not on August 2nd! The Falcó seems to have lost her mouth and has ended up revealing her mother’s best kept secret? Of course, she didn’t give any extra explanation.
This, of course, would have helped to hide much of the pregnancy. Be that as it may, Chábeli -how fast time goes by- is already 50 years old. Just in case, we’ll make a note in our diary to congratulate her again in September.

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On the contrary, Tamara Falcó does give visibility in networks to her other facets. Either in stories or in publications in the feed, the socialite reflects her collaborations in El Hormiguero and her facet of cook that came to light with her participation in the culinary talent.
The socialite, in fact, has gone from magazine life -although she is still present in it- to turning to Instagram. Hence, the expert has defined her as a «celebrity who has a great social media account».

Carlos falcó, 5th marquess of griñón

her new luxury apartment of more than 600,000 euros), where the kitchen is one of her favorite rooms. In addition to the kitchen, Isabel Preysler’s daughter has let us into some corners of the rest of her house like the living room, the dressing room, and even part of her balcony. The best part? We can get her
Halfway between an armchair and a chair, this seat always emerges as one of the most desired. Our favorite armchair? The armchair that Tamara Falcó has chosen for her home, upholstered in ecru and with black metallic legs.
You may have already noticed that Tamara Falcó’s house is dominated by light tones, and even on the floors. This is what we have seen in her Instagram with a carpet of large dimensions. A long and velvety pile rug in ecru color that dresses up the living room and protects the feet from the cold. Where can we get a rug like Tamara’s?
View this post on InstagramA post shared by Tamara Falcó (@tamara_falco)Well, at Zara Home! Dress up your living room with an oversized rug like Tamara has done in her living room. This Zara Home rug with pile effect is machine-made and costs between 39,99 € – 249 € depending on the dimensions.

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