Victoria federica de marichalar y borbón instagram

Victoria federica de marichalar y borbón instagram

Doña elena de borbón dedicates a few words to those affected.

The second publication, which she made through stories, was quite disturbing. The sister of Felipe Froilán de Marichalar (22) launched a disturbing message for which no answer has yet been found: «When you are young and healthy, it does not occur to you that in a single second your life could change…».
They were several unpublished publications of her dates alone with her boyfriend in various environments. Victoria showed their night outings to the nightclubs where he works, she also revealed their trips to the sea together, their caresses in the middle of nature or snapshots and selfies together without caring about the crowd around them at the time.

Felipe de marichalar turns 20 years old

GTRESVictoria Federica.Victoria Federica, niece of King Felipe VI and daughter of Infanta Elena, shares with her partner, Jorge Bárcenas, a few days off in Jávea (Alicante), where both have coincided with some friends and enjoyed a boat ride.  We know this thanks to the images that Bárcenas himself, a DJ by profession, has published on his Instagram account.  Specifically, in his ‘stories’, where he has shared a video of the stupendous waters of the Mediterranean from the boat and another of his legs next to Victoria Federica’s while they both sunbathe placidly.
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Froilán instagram

The IQ Collection, the firm of Inés Domecq) have made a stellar appearance, very very much in love. A courtship that the young people have looked all over Madrid, sometimes without a mask, without respecting the curfew and at parties with more capacity than recommended which has earned them more than a slap on the wrist on social networks.
«I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be able to work in what I like and transmit what I feel this way,» he says in his Instagram account. The best of all is that since their courtship began.
Victoria Federica in her groupie and late-night version and he has returned to focus on solo work. Of course, spreading the message on his Instagram about safe and responsible leisure at the Starlite Gala.
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Froilan’s bride shows the result of her surgery

Victoria Federica and Mar Torres have also broken up. Almost at the same time that Mar, granddaughter of the founder El Pozo, announced the end of her relationship with Froilán, the two unfollowed each other. Who took the first step is a mystery, but it could have been anyone considering the background, which is not, however, directly related to the son of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar.
He then apologized, acknowledged that it had been imprudent to leave the house in full quarantine and explained that he had gone to the doctor and when he returned home he went to visit his friend. She also clarified that Victoria Federica did not call her borderline but that it was a way of saying hello through her Instagram to someone else. «Time for change» she titled the post she published those days. What was to come probably only they knew.

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