Be more demanding with spotify premium

Be more demanding with spotify premium

How much does spotify premium family cost

don’t let the lack of connection ruin the mood: if you’re spending the day away from the internet, what you need to do is learn how to download songs from Spotify so you can always enjoy them. Yes, even if you’re in Airplane Mode.
Spotify is a bit picky about what it allows you to download on certain devices: on a desktop computer, you can save your songs and playlists for offline listening, but – unlike on mobile devices – albums and playlists are out of the scope of this equation.
Downloading your entire catalog of favorite songs on a computer couldn’t be easier: just open the Your Likes section in Spotify (using the Spotify app for macOS or Windows) and hit the Download. That’s it.
Once saved, the playlist will be accessible from the «Playlists» section on the left side of the Spotify app for macOS and Windows, along with all your other playlists (even those not downloaded for offline listening).

Spotify cancel premium

The main differences between the two modes are explained in a very basic way by Spotify itself in the Premium section that you access to learn about the service. The main one is just what you are thinking, being able to say goodbye to advertising so you do not suddenly jump the ad of a group you hate in the middle of your favorite playlist. But there is much more to it than that.
And of course, if you have good speakers or headphones at home, you don’t want to settle for basic sound quality either. Premium mode unlocks 320 kbps quality on both desktop and mobile clients.
While I’m a Spotify user myself, I also don’t want you to stop looking at what the competition has to offer. In fact, here’s a comparison of what each of the different music streaming services offers. But if you are hesitating between Spotify Free and Premium, I think that today the paid mode is absolutely worth it, since you get your money’s worth.

Spotify premium accounts

Spotify has great rivals, such as Tidal or Amazon Music, all of them with paid subscriptions. Let’s talk about eSound, a great alternative to Spotify completely free, with a spectacular interface and a more than interesting catalog.
«eSound Music is a cross-platform media hub born to simplify the management, presentation and playback of YouTube videos (or other free content from third-party platforms) through the use of a simple and easy-to-use interface.»
eSound does not stream licensed content, but rather downloads the audio from YouTube and we can play it from an interface cloned to Spotify. The disadvantage of this is that the sound quality will be far from what paid services offer, but for an average user not very demanding it is literally like playing songs from YouTube.

How much does spotify premium cost

Spotify has several ways to listen to its millions of available songs. The most common is to choose Spotify free, but it doesn’t take long to get used to the ads and listening limitations. Spotify Premium is tempting, though perhaps a bit pricey if you don’t have much income. In this case, why not choose a student account?
Spotify student accounts allow you to enjoy a subscription to the music streaming service for half the price This means that, instead of paying 9.99 euros each month, Spotify Premium will cost you only 4.99 euros. In addition, there is now a very juicy offer: three months of Premium service for only 0.99 euros.
In case you are a student, it is an offer that represents a significant saving. You can always share a family account to get it cheaper than those 4.99 euros, but this way you will have the service only for you and no one can interfere with your account. Interested? You have the promotion just below.

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