Behind the lyrics spotify

Behind the lyrics spotify

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With «behind the lyrics», we will find quotes, song excerpts and fun facts about the songs we are listening to from that playlist. This content will be displayed gradually as we listen to the song in question. However, for the moment it is a feature exclusive to the iOS application and the Spotify desktop application, although Spotify has hastened to announce that it will soon reach all devices gradually, but have not given any exact date or even approximate to please the media.
To locate the system, you have to search for the Genius sponsored list and play the so-called «behind the lyrics». This is just the beginning of an important relationship, as they have promised to update the system with more lists and more functions so that users can get used to this type of utilities. It is true that the «connect» function of Apple Music has failed miserably, and this is a kind of «connect» made in the Spotify way, humanizing the songs and bringing users closer to their idols. The important thing is to renew itself, as Spotify cannot rest on its laurels if it does not want Apple Music to «eat its toast».

How to update spotify

However, you may prefer not to use this feature, which may leave you looking for a way to disable it. Our guide below will show you where to find that setting so you can disable Behind the Lyrics in the Spotify app on your iPhone.
The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, on iOS 10.2.1. Once you have completed the steps in this article, the Behind the Lyrics feature in the Spotify app on your iPhone will no longer be available. You can enable or disable this setting at any time, should you later decide that you want to have it active.
Do you also use the Spotify application on your Windows computer, but would like it to stop opening automatically when you turn on your computer? Learn how to prevent Spotify from opening automatically by adjusting a setting within the application.

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In addition -and what would be the icing on the cake-, Genius also offers curious and true facts about each tune. That’s why Spotify features Behind the Lyrics (Hip Hop), followed by Behind the Lyrics (Hits). Playlists curated by Spotify and Genius, which will allow you to «go behind the songs» of your favorite hip hoppers.
Artists Pusha T, Tinashe and Diplo were the first to join Spotify and Genius, so you can learn the stories, annotations and fun facts that live behind these artists’ best songs.


Behind the Lirycs, or Behind the Lyrics, makes use of Genius feedback and displays it directly in the Spotify app. According to Spotify usage statistics, this feature is used by millions of iPhone owners every day. This option will allow us to get information directly from the artists, sources and stories behind their songs. Initially it will be available on songs and playlists chosen by Spotify, but we expect wider coverage in the future.

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