Best podcasts on spotify

Best podcasts on spotify

Best podcasts from spain

Are you looking for new podcasts to listen to on Spotify in your free time? Do you want to laugh, learn, get informed, start a business or get to know yourself better? Well, you’re in the right place. We are going to recommend you what, in our opinion, are the 23 best podcasts you can listen to on the app.
LinkedInJournalist. I love nothing more than telling stories and that’s what I’ve dedicated myself to in different publishing houses such as Planeta or Grupo Godó. Every day, technological advances leave me with my mouth open. I try to understand them and then explain them in El Grupo Informático.

Best podcasts in spanish spotify 2020

Pamela, Andrea and Fernanda’s podcast started in the spring of 2020 in Mexico City, that is, in full quarantine. But it soon became one of the most listened to podcasts in the Aztec country, according to Spotify.
In March 2021, this Spanish-language podcast network, founded by Dany Saadia, celebrated its 15th anniversary with more than 5,000 published productions in different genres, from science fiction to nutrition.
Introducing 'Solaris', an original podcast by @jorgecarrion21 and Podium that will make you question the present and the future. Science and technology, philosophy and narratives star in a series of 6 sound essays.
The project of these Mexicans was born in mid-2018 and soon became a hit throughout Latin America. Exclusive to Spotify, each of the chapters of Se regalan dudas lasts around 50 minutes.
In charge of Chileans Catalina May, a journalist, and Martín Cruz, a sound engineer, Las Raras is an independent product that tells «non-fiction stories that we call Historias de Libertad» and gives space to voices that are not covered in traditional media. Thus, feminism, environment, art, education, love, migration and human rights are some of the topics it addresses.

Best spotify podcasts 2020

Under the slogan «this is everything you need to know today» The Washington Post bet on a current affairs series that condenses, in about 20 minutes, the most important news in the world.  Sources with authority on the topics, agility and good rhythm, make The Washington Post an excellent tool to be updated.
Its good reception meant that in 2020 it went from two weekly episodes to four. In addition, each of its episodes becomes a radiography of a particular moment, a very well created sound archive that episode after episode becomes a chronicle of our present.
Generally, podcasts dedicated to literature seek to bring listeners closer to reading. Their objective is based on stripping the novel, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and each of the literary genres of intellectuality.
Through relaxed and relaxed chats, but no less profound, Presunto Podcast highlights the current state of the journalistic profession, its mistakes, commonplaces and pretensions. In addition, its format allows the listener to be a sound witness of what could be a very interesting newsroom.

Spotify comedy podcast

Spotify, one of the world’s largest digital audio platforms, in addition to hosting millions of songs for its users, is offering alternative formats for listeners to entertain and learn, even while doing other activities. We are referring to podcasts and, to dive into that interesting world, we share a list with some of the best that can be found.
It takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare insight into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers, in the hope of better understanding their psychological profile. With the help of research it delves into their lives and stories. Serial Killers can be heard here.

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