Borrar cache spotify windows

Borrar cache spotify windows

Delete spotify cache on pc

If you listen to a lot of different songs on Spotify, you may notice that your free space is shrinking pretty fast. Spotify caches your playlists on your local hard drive so that you can quickly play the songs without having to stream them back from the Spotify server. If you find yourself in such a condition, you’d better delete these cache files to free up space. This will help your computer run smoother, especially if you haven’t cleared the cache for a long period of time. At this moment, the computer Spotify client has not thought of a way to clear cache, here we will guide you to clear Spotify cache on Windows and Mac.

How to clear spotify cache

The steps to perform are very simple, just go to the Spotify cache location (which is different depending on your operating system), and delete all the files inside that folder.
You can also opt for another alternative, this is for if you have another drive or partition on your system, you can move the Spotify cache so that you don’t lose space on your primary drive or partition. To do this, under Cache, click «Change location» and change it to any other folder you want.

Delete spotify iphone cache

We can always delete this folder by hand, although the truth is that it is counterproductive, especially considering that, if we use the UWP app, the path where this data is stored is not exactly at hand.
Depending on the version of the client we have (installable, UWP, etc), the cache will be saved in one directory or another. The process is the same for all of them, but you can change the path where this data is saved. We are going to follow the steps for the UWP version.
If we have Windows 10 Pro, we can schedule the execution of the script through group policies. To do this, what we must do is to run gpedit.msc, and there we will go to the Computer Configuration section. Then we will have to go to Windows Settings, and double-click on the Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) option in the right pane.
We look for the script where we have saved it, we load it and ready. We accept the changes and we will have already automated the task. From now on, every time we turn off the computer, the script will run and delete all the temporary files generated by Spotify.

How to optimize spotify on pc

If you use Spotify regularly, you’ve probably noticed that your hard drive is filling up even though you haven’t downloaded anything new. That’s because Spotify caches files on your computer to allow its application to run faster. While this is very convenient, it can become a problem if you’re always low on disk space.
In this article, you will learn more about cache, find out how Spotify uses it to improve its service, and discover tips on how to clear the Spotify cache on your computer or phone.
In computing, cache memory represents the part of the total storage space used by software (or even hardware) to store certain data in order to speed up the data extraction process. In other words, cache memory allows software to retrieve the information it has requested faster by simply storing and «remembering» the data as it uses the software.
While caching helps software run smoothly, it can significantly slow down your computer, tablet or mobile device after a while. As you might guess, problems occur when you don’t clear the cache.

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