Cambiar imagen playlist spotify android

Cambiar imagen playlist spotify android

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Spotify, after a recent complete overhaul, has just launched a long-awaited feature for most users of Spotify for Android devices: it is finally possible to reorder the tracks of a playlist that has been previously created.
It is true that the new option has not come as a surprise since it had been announced that it would arrive in the Spotify Community forums. It is in that same space where many users of the community of the music platform had expressed interest in being able to reorder the lists, a function that was missing in the Android version.
Editing the playlist also includes modifying the title, which we can change completely with a couple of taps. To change the order of the songs, however, we have to look at the classic hamburger-style button (formed by three horizontal and parallel lines, to the right of each track name).
Touching this button and without releasing it, we can start repositioning each and every one of the songs we want to change the position. When we finish, we only need to complete the process by tapping on Save. The songs will be repositioned and the changes will be synchronized on all devices where you access with your account.

How to change playlist picture on spotify on android

When we create a playlist on spotify, this playlist is «owned» by us and allows us to keep it private but also to make it public so that any other Spotify user can listen to it. However, what many users are not aware of is the possibility to change the cover image that identifies this playlist on the Spotify platform.
However this can create confusion for some Spotify users as they may confuse at a glance individual songs with the playlist. What many don’t know is that just as we can customize the name of a playlist, we can also set up a photo to help you identify that playlist.
That said, we want to show you step by step how to customize the cover image of your Spotify playlists for easier and faster identification from the web version or app for Android and iPhone:

Https change playlist image – spotify virock org playlists

So now, in addition to changing the order of your songs in playlists, you can also change their cover image. Here’s how to edit Spotify playlists on Android or iOS (iPhone system) phones.advertisement
The process for you to edit the order of the songs is quite simple, as it can only be done on playlists created by you, that is, it is not possible to edit playlitys you follow created by other users. Check it out:
5. Choose the «Edit playlist» option and place the songs in the desired order by dragging them by holding down the button represented by three lines, as shown in the image below. When you have finished making changes, tap «Save».

How to change the cover of a playlist in spotify

This feature was already available in the desktop version of Spotify and since a few weeks ago it can also be done in its Android version. Thanks to this option you can customize your playlists by choosing a photo you want to use as a cover. The way to change it is very simple.
When we create a playlist in Spotify, the application creates a cover photo for it, mixing the covers of the first four songs in that list. The streaming app seeks to give more customization options to users, who can now select the cover photo for this playlist. It can be a photo you have saved on your phone or you can take a photo at that moment. This way you will have a photo that you consider is better. The steps to do this are:
This possibility to change the cover photo of the playlists is a good customization option in the app. Also, by having each playlist have a different photo, it will be easier to differentiate them from each other. This also helps to make the use of the application on Android simpler, by always finding the list in the list of playlists that we have.

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