Cara al sol remix spotify

Cara al sol remix spotify

Ausonix – face to the sun

Cara al sol shares the podium with the viral Movimiento Naranja by Yuawi, which occupies the first place, and Lo hacemos y ya vemos from the movie La llamada in second place. They explain in the same media that the Falangist anthem has been heard mainly from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.
Dear @Spotify. Do you want to explain to me how «El Cara el Sol» made it to my Weekly Discovery list? It’s indecent that they have songs like that making apology of fascism. Besides, I can’t delete it! I demand you to remove this shit from my profile as soon as possible!!!

Serhat durmus – hislerim (feat. zerrin)

The idea came from Quequé, co-host together with Ignatius Farray of the program directed and presented by David Broncano in the early mornings from Monday to Thursday, who, being sick, read the news that a «remix» of «Cara al sol» was triumphing in the reproductions of the music platform. «It can’t be, we have to unseat it», he said to himself.
They opted for the «Ipno de Moderdonia», a song for the fictitious nation they created for the program, «and in two hours we achieved the goal; in ‘La vida moderna’ we have an army that well used can do many things,» Quequé explained today to Efe.
For this comedian, it is «very sad» that «Cara al sol» became one of the most listened songs in the country. «Maybe because it is catchy, which is what makes me the angriest of all. But what it shows is that in this country there are wounds that are badly closed».
«I haven’t seen the Telediario for a long time and I don’t know anything about what happens in Antiguonia», says Quequé, for whom what he achieved with his «ipno» gives them «encouragement» especially in «a sweet moment» of «La vida moderna», which shows that «the radio should not be retired».

Canción falangista – ¡cara al sol!

It’s really happening in Spain right now. There, a techno remix of a hymn of praise to fascist dictator Franco topped a Spotify list of the country’s most streamed songs last week. «Cara al sol» is a 1930s song by the Falange movement popular in far-right circles – the club edit now a viral hit thanks to Spotify.
«When you have access to all the music in the world, finding the right thing to play can feel like a challenge. With Stations, you can listen immediately, and switching stations is simple and seamless – no searching or typing needed.»

Pedro capó, farruko – calma (remix) – en spotify

If you don’t know it yet, we inform you that Spotify automatically creates dozens of music playlists based on your listening preferences. This new feature, active for about a couple of years, thanks to an algorithm, selects playlists and songs adapting them to the musical tastes of each user.
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