Descargar spotify gratis para windows

Descargar spotify gratis para windows

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What do I have to do to take advantage of these benefits? From the desktop client, simply click on the Subscribe button and you will be redirected to a website where you will have to enter your payment details, either by credit card or PayPal. You have one month free to try these functions, but after 30 days you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month.
If there are many of you who use Spotify at home, you can take advantage of its family plan, which basically consists of offering up to six independent Premium accounts for members of the same household for 14.99 euros per month, which is quite affordable. At the end of the day, it is the cheapest option, as long as you have not been able to take advantage of any of the offers that Internet providers such as Vodafone usually launch to attract more customers.

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Spotify is a bit picky about what it allows you to download on certain devices: on a desktop computer, you can save your songs and playlists for offline listening, but – unlike on mobile devices – albums and playlists are out of the scope of this equation.
Downloading your entire catalog of favorite songs on a computer couldn’t be easier: just open the Your Likes section in Spotify (using the Spotify app for macOS or Windows) and hit the Download. That’s it.
Once saved, the playlist will be accessible from the “Playlists” section on the left side of the Spotify app for macOS and Windows, along with all your other playlists (even those that haven’t been downloaded for offline listening).
Can’t download additional tracks? It may be because you’ve reached the 3,333 song limit per device. If that’s the case, consider deleting a playlist from your offline listening library. This will free up space for the tracks you are trying to download.

Download spotify premium for pc

Although the official Spotify app for Windows was originally meant to be downloaded from the Spotify website, you can also download it from the Microsoft Store, which comes pre-installed on your Windows 10.
In addition to being easier to find for the average user, the modern Spotify app also benefits from Microsoft Store technology, which allows it to automatically download updates for itself in the background and keep you up to date.
If you haven’t used Spotify before or want to have a separate account when using the app on your Windows 10 computer or tablet, you can create a new Spotify account for free within the app. Here’s how:
To upgrade to Spotify Premium from the Windows 10 app, select “Upgrade your Account” at the top of the screen next to your name. You’ll open the Spotify Premium web page in the Microsoft Edge web browser, or your default one, on your device, which provides more details about the Premium service and has the option to opt in for the monthly paid subscription. From time to time you can opt to use 3 months free and if you are not happy you can cancel your Spotify premium account.

Spotify download for windows 10

The mobile app offers a recent playlist that lets you scroll through playlists and albums you’ve recently listened to, but it doesn’t give you a song-by-song list. But Spotify for PC does.
If your playlists are long and difficult to sift through, then you should start grouping them into folders. Install Spotify for PC, go to File > Create Playlists folder and name it. Then you can drag playlists into it. But you can’t create or edit playlist folders with the mobile app, but luckily playlist folders only appear in the mobile app.
If you have deleted your playlist, either accidentally or wanting to get rid of it and want to restore it, don’t panic. Spotify keeps a record of your old playlists in case you ever want them back. Go to Account > Recover Playlist > Tap RECOVER for the desired playlist. and (once you’re logged in) you’ll see the recently deleted playlists along with buttons to restore each one. Click on the restore button to restore the desired playlist to your storage.

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