How bad is your spotify

How bad is your spotify

My spotify playlist

At the top of the home screen, you will find your personalized playlists, such as: old songs I liked and new songs, consisting of songs that the program thinks you might like. These playlists will serve you well at times when you don’t feel like working too hard.
You can set up and manage playlists quickly and easily. Collaborative playlists is a feature that allows you to share playlists with friends in a way that gives you admin permissions to everyone in advance. In the social sense, Spotify is definitely king.
Spotify offers high quality Ogg Vorbis streaming at 320 kbps for Premium users and 128kbps for free plan users. If you’re using sensitive sound equipment, the difference will be obvious, otherwise, not so much.
Deezer allows you to connect to various devices. Desktops, accessories, speakers, cars, etc. BUT you can only be connected to three devices at a time, which means that if you want to add a fourth device, you must first remove one of the connected devices. For most people this is irrelevant, but for tech geeks like me, it’s a pain. You can solve this by subscribing to the family plan that will allow you to simultaneously interact with six profiles.

Spotify wrapped

Well, I’m glad you asked. Just like your Spotify wrapped, though not an official Spotify thing and much, much crappier, this piece of AI «judges your horrible music taste». At the risk of literally offering my soul on a platter, naked, exposed and ready to be judged by everyone, here are my results:
It told me that my Spotify listening habits were «$60-shirt-white-80-sit-alone-in-the-coffee-shop-bad,» «succulent-growing-indie-pop-bad» and «can -be-convinced-that-the-earth-is-flat-bad «. In short: this robot absolutely had my life.
I’ll happily accept being only 23% basic, and I would I bet few people have ever been accused of being a dad and Swiftie at the same time. Did you ever sigh wistfully for girls while listening to Talking Heads in school, as if you were in an ’80s movie? You’ll never know. But if I did, at least I was in touch with my feelings.
One of my friends has also taken the Spotify robot test, and was told he’s 40 percent basic and is «stuck in the early 2010s.» Highlights of his results include «loved-Harry-from-X-Factor bad» and «crying during bad sex,» thanks to his obsession with Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd and Rihanna. Take from that what you will.

Spotify wrapped roast

SectionsProgramsCoveragesSearch…SpecialsTopics of the DayBy Marcial Cabezas González Sunday 27, December 2020 16:45 Hrs What happens if we let an artificial intelligence judge our musical tastes? There is an old saying that says that «there is nothing written in taste», and it is normal that among friends and acquaintances there are always differences regarding, for example, musical tastes.
We have also read in social networks all kinds of criticisms and discussions around the various musical genres such as trap, reggaeton, heavy metal, etc. but as there is no convention regarding this, what would happen if we let an artificial intelligence to judge our musical tastes?

My spotify

What better way to close out 2020 could there be than to let a bot laugh at you, in your face, and because you asked it to. That’s basically what this artificial intelligence trained by Matt Daniels and Mike Lacher for The Pudding does.
Just give it permission to snoop through your entire Spotify history and it will tell you how bad your music taste is. Needless to say, you have to have a sense of humor and take it for the joke that it is, one that can be hilarious if you drop the pretense for a moment.

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