How does spotify work

How does spotify work

How spotify free works

Online or offline: The playlists you make with Spotify will be available both online and offline. But to be able to listen to your songs without needing a data connection or Wi-Fi you must have the Premium version. It is ideal for when you are traveling, you are in an area with poor coverage or simply do not want to spend data from your plan.
Song lyrics: with Spotify you can read the lyrics of the songs while they are being played. By installing the TuneWiki application, one of the most popular Spotify apps, you can learn the lyrics you like so much while listening to it.

Spotify history

This can be seen from the moment you enter a home screen with hundreds of songs at your disposal. In it, you will firstly see a Back to… section, in which you will be reminded of the playlists and artists you have previously listened to in case you want to go back to them.
In addition, these playlists are directly dependent on your personal tastes from the start. When you enter the application for the first time after registering, Spotify will ask you to mark some artists as favorites, and from them it will start to create your personalized lists from the first day. After that, the more you use it and the more songs you mark as favorites, the more variety you will have in the playlists.
After these lists, also on the home screen there is another section called Listen a la carte where Spotify will offer you some generic playlists that you can browse also the way you want. These will also be based on your personal tastes, and in the same way you will be able to skip all the songs you want and listen to them in order.

How spotify premium works

Spotify is one of the leading platforms in the music streaming sector, and one of the few big ones that still dares to advertise its free mode without worrying about affecting the growth of the paid one. So accustomed are we to its application that it is possible that some of us have settled for using it in a basic way without stopping to look at all the possibilities it offers.
Spotify always has a series of lists with compilations and personalized recommendations. Every Monday, you will have your weekly discovery list to propose new tracks based on your tastes, and every Friday you will have the new releases radar with new releases. In addition, every day you will have 6 daily mixes, which are varied playlists based on your various personal tastes.
But there’s more. In the Search section of your mobile you have a Concerts section, also accessible in the Explore section of the desktop application. In this section, you will be able to see concerts near your city of artists that may interest you. You can change the city to your liking.

How to use spotify for free

Unlike other streaming services, Spotify transmits information through the P2P protocol. In this way, users not only receive the information they request, but also send information from their computers. Thanks to the application’s cache provision, the user gains some advantages, such as not having to fully download every song he/she wants to listen to again (it is recommended to reserve approximately 1GB of cache for this application for optimal performance). In addition to this, the cache information is exchanged between users so that no new downloads are made, the secret of the success of your radio and of the platform in general.

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