How to get spotify premium

How to get spotify premium

How to get spotify premium *free* for android at

If we hire today, we can enjoy Spotify for free until mid-February, from which date we can cancel the Premium mode, or move to pay 9.99 euros per month, which is the price that normally has the individual plan.
The offer is only valid for the individual plan, with the other modes having only one month free as at present. These other plans include the Duo, Family and Student plans, priced at 12.99, 14.99 and 4.99 euros per month.
The offer for the individual plan is only available to new users who have not already enjoyed a 3-month free trial previously. In case you have already enjoyed one of these offers, Spotify offers 3 months for 9.74 euros per month, which is also pretty good because we are getting for all intents and purposes two months free.
To enjoy the offer just go to and click on «Get 3 months free». There we will be given the choice between paying by credit card or using PayPal, where we will be charged 0.01 euros to see that the payment system is valid. From then on we will be able to enjoy the service for free.

How to get spotify premium for free? android!!!

Despite the fact that there is still the option of CDs or downloading songs, the vast majority turn to online platforms to listen to their favorite artists. However, ads can sometimes be a nuisance and, for that reason, many decide to become premium.For those who still do not know whether or not it is worth paying for not having ads while listening to their playlists, TikTok and Spotify have a solution: they have launched a promotion of 3 free months of Spotify Premium.The news has come from the hand of the Digital Music News media to which TikTok has informed that the offer will only be valid for users who have not previously enjoyed Spotify’s paid service.

Spotify premium free for android 2021

Because the best thing about having Spotify Premium free is being able to make those lists that you then send to your friends. Or getting the recommendation you just needed with a simple «cheer you up» message. Or you know: «that» message: the one that simply says «I was listening to this song and I remembered you».
If you have managed to become a free Spotify Premium user you can download your favorite songs. Not having to resort to the «data» to listen to it when you are outside areas with wifi.
By the way. This is not «downloading» in the usual sense of the word. Your ability to act on those files is not going to be what you might imagine with that term. It is simply an «offline» mode in which you can have thousands of songs available.
The fourth (and probably the most important) advantage of having Spotify Premium for free is that you will hear your favorite songs better. And this is the reason why if you try Spotify Premium you will not go back to the free version because, naturally, we get used to the good one very quickly.

Spotify premium free android 2021!

Is it possible to download Spotify for free without having to listen to ads? Is it possible to have a Premium subscription without paying? For starters, the app offers three free months of its Premium version, a trial period in which you have 90 days to enjoy all the options of the app without paying a single cent.However, at the end of the three months, you can only use the Premium version if you pay the subscription in question. Otherwise, you will only be able to access the free basic version, with ads and always dependent on internet connection.Even if you try to create another account, with a different user and email, Spotify will detect the IP of the device and will not allow you to access the Premium version again without paying.But… But does that mean that there are no more options? From unCOMO we tell you that having Spotify Premium for free is possible through other methods. Let’s see them!

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