Iniciar sesion spotify sin facebook

Iniciar sesion spotify sin facebook

How to delete a spotify account from your cell phone

You should keep an eye on your Spam folder, as replies often arrive there. If you get the automatic reply, reply to that message (even if the address is ‘no-reply’) and a customer service agent will contact you.
There is no way so far, just follow up, then the solution would be to create another fb account, so you can link it, you can delete it, but once you link it, it can not be unlinked.
Once the account is created, you should contact customer service to help you migrate your premium privileges (if you have them), contacts, playlists, music, etc from the old account to the new one. Use this contact form:

How to change username in spotify

For Spotify to work properly, it is important to verify that our device is compatible and properly updated, otherwise, we could have problems to enter the app or when using it.
It will be enough to disable it and check the operation of the Swedish application. As we always insist in these cases it is important to re-enable the firewall once the check is done to minimize the time in which our computer is vulnerable.
This will show us a page where we have to indicate our email address or user name on the platform and click Send. Automatically, we will receive an email message at the address linked to our Spotify account.
Another possibility is that we get an error message indicating that there is no Spotify account associated with that email address. In this case, it is possible that we are entering the wrong address.
In the case of wanting to log in with the platform from an Apple device, it is important to know that we will need to have iOS 13 or later installed, an Apple ID with two-factor authentication and the iCloud session open.

Spotify help twitter

Enter Spotify with the search engine: basically here, you must type the name that identifies this service, i.e. «Spotify» in the search engine box you use, then click on «Enter» or «Go» to load the results and then click on the correct result, which is usually located in the first result and is clearly identified by its web address «». With this, you will have been able to enter Spotify.
Enter Spotify with the URL: in this other option, you must write correctly and completely in the address bar of the browser you use precisely, the URL of Spotify and that is «» then, the «Enter» or «Search» respective and with this, the cover of Spotify will load and thus, you have accessed Spotify, much faster and direct.
Now, being on the Spotify homepage you will have to start the registration process but first, you must decide whether to register for Spotify Free or Spotify Premium. However, it is advisable to start by trying the Spotify service for free.

Spotify web

The next thing you will have to do is in the window that will appear in Spotify, first locate the option that says «This application can also publish on your behalf» once located then we will give the X at the end to remove it, we are not interested that Spotify publish anything on our behalf without our consent.
And second the first option called «Publications on your behalf» by default will be marked the option «PUBLIC» we will click there and we will get a list, select the option «ONLY ME» and that’s it.

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