Manage my music spotify

Manage my music spotify

How to put music on spotify

«Digital platforms are not social networks: the reality is that everything ends up getting very complicated, not to say that it is simply not viable&rdquor, explains Rubén G. Herrera, coordinator of the independent digital distribution service, RockCD/Nooize Digital Distribution.
So, the next step is to look for that intermediary who will be responsible for it. If we have a record deal, it will be the label that will assume absolutely the whole process and will have control over the royalties.
If we do not have a record label, we can decide between an aggregator or a distribution company. The main differences between these two options will be the rate and the type of service. And before we get down to work, what do we need to have on hand?  The master of the song or album in .WAV format and a square cover with a minimum of quality.
It is possible to set a release date, although as the publishing process takes several days, it is advisable to always start the process in advance if you intend to release a single or album on a certain date in order to be on time.

Spotify music licensing

One of the most repeated tasks in playlist management is to move or delete songs. That is, we may not like certain songs and want to remove them from a Spotify playlist or we may want to move some songs from one playlist to another.
A priori this is not a difficult task, but if there are dozens of songs that we want to move or delete, things get complicated. However, we should know that Spotify allows us to move or delete songs in batch, that is, move or delete many songs at once. To do this, we simply have to go selecting all the songs by holding the Ctrl key or Cmd, if it is a Mac, while we choose them, and then drag and drop where we want to take them or delete them all at once.
It is possible that we have ever wanted to put all the songs in a list quickly and finally we have been moving one by one. Well, once we have created a playlist, the next thing to do is to go to Songs in the Your library section, select the first song and holding Ctrl+A or Cmd+A, select all of them to drag them to the new playlist in Spotify.

Upload music to spotify for free

Apple has been at pains to improve its music streaming service since its launch, and that has paid dividends. Apple Music has more and more subscribers and has proven not to lag behind like other iTunes-based initiatives, but more than one will still not want to use Apple Music because of that very foundation – iTunes.
Those who don’t want to hear about that app prefer to mostly use Spotify, which also allows us to manage and sync locally stored songs. We can do this using iTunes, but we can move away from relying on it completely. Just keep in mind that this works when you have a Spotify Premium account.
By default, Spotify always tends to offer you the management of the songs you have stored locally in iTunes. That means you can listen to them without having to open that program and directly from Spotify, but whenever you want to modify that local music collection you will have to depend on iTunes. We can get rid of that dependency if we use a Finder directory.

Spotify for artists

As the most widely used operating system, we have focused mainly on players for Windows. However, in the collection we also have for GNU/Linux and Mac, with open source or proprietary programs. The idea is that you have a large enough collection of alternatives so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
We continue with an open source player that is multiplatform, available for a good collection of GNU/Linux distributions as well as for Windows or macOS. It has some quite interesting functions, such as finding duplicate entries in your playlists and ignoring them when playing them, or finding the lyrics of the songs.
Another open source player much loved in the GNU/Linux community is Audacious, which also has a Windows version. It is a free player and organizer especially recommended for older computers, with little RAM and a processor that is not one of the leading ones.
It also has details such as preventing the Windows screen from blocking, being able to load songs from the Music explorer, or the possibility of stopping listening after a certain song. Despite being Windows-only, its code is open, it has equalizers, and scrobbling with With this application we have cheated a bit by having a free trial, but then you have to buy it. But it’s only worth one euro, so we think it’s worth it as it’s almost free.

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