Modo stranger things spotify movil

Modo stranger things spotify movil

Behind the lyrics spotify

Spotify discovers the alternative dimension of Stranger thingsSpotifyHow to get to the «Backwards World» of Stranger things from SpotifyTo teleport to the other side, just hit play on the soundtrack and wait a few seconds without moving the mouse (any movement makes the effect disappear), you will immediately be embraced by the darknessMadrid
second season of «Stranger things». To put honey on the lips of fans of the series, the streaming service has reached an agreement with Spotify, so that users of the music application who want to listen to the soundtrack of the eighties fiction before hitting the binge this Friday will be pleasantly surprised. They will be able to access the
«Backwards World» of «Stranger Things», the alternative dimension where Will Byers disappeared last season and where the Demogorgon lived, while enjoying the «greatest hits» of the era.
Spotify has activated an easter egg, as the hidden messages are known, that works across the web version and the desktop app. To teleport to the other side, you just have to hit play on the soundtrack and wait a few seconds without moving the mouse (any movement makes the effect disappear), then the darkness will embrace you. The web version of Spotify is not compatible with all browsers. As they explain on their support page, it will work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and, at least for now, it is not available for mobile. View the

Stranger things, vol 1

Para celebrar el estreno de la segunda temporada de Stranger Things, los cerebros de Spotify han lanzado una función realmente divertida e interesante. Se llama modo Stranger Things en Spotify y hay que verlo para creerlo. Pero, ¿qué hacen exactamente estos ajustes y cómo se activan?
¿Qué es el modo Stranger Things en Spotify? El modo Stranger Things de Spotify habilita un nuevo ajuste que cambia el aspecto de la banda sonora que se reproduce. Entrarás en el modo Stranger Things, que se reconocerá al instante por los haces de luz que surgen desde el desplazamiento de la reproducción.
Una vez hecho esto, vuelve a la ventana de reproducción y empezarás a ver cosas muy extrañas. Lo que hará entonces es cambiar tu skin de Spotify por el del revés, con luces flotantes y un haz de linterna que recorre la lista de reproducción y la carátula del álbum.
Si no consigues que el modo Stranger Things funcione, es probable que se deba a dos razones: no estás escuchando la banda sonora oficial o estás intentando que funcione en la versión de escritorio del software.

Stranger things soundtrack spotify

Unlike other streaming platforms, Spotify has a great compatibility with almost all devices. This is how it can be used on computers, mobile devices and tablets.
If you are listening to one of your favorite tunes, either by type of lyrics, genre or rhythm, and you want to continue listening to more similar songs, then you must go to the «Go to song radio» option. It will automatically start creating an infinite playlist where you will be able to find only those songs that have been directly related to your favorite theme.
Recommended for you:What are the best PSVita emulators for iPhone? List [year]This gives you the opportunity to spend an entertaining time listening to only those tunes that you love without having to be selecting or searching for the tracks.
Usually, Spotify applications have an option called «Normalize volume» which is enabled by default. The problem with this is that this option makes the volume of each track reach the maximum, which becomes a problem with those songs that have a very high volume level.

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Nowadays there are many easter eggs and of different types, from hidden games on Android, parts of Star Wars movies hidden on Mac to how to choose the evolution of Evee in Pokémon Go. But… there are Easter eggs in many other places that you don’t know about and that you wouldn’t imagine, as is the case of Spotify easter eggs.
It should be noted that you must activate the Stranger Things easter egg in Spotify or you won’t be able to enjoy it. How? In the settings, both in the desktop and mobile versions, you will find the option ‘Enable/disable Stranger Things mode’. With the option enabled, all you have to do is listen to the playlist ‘Stranger Things 2: Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series’.

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