My top lockdown songs spotify

My top lockdown songs spotify

You can block a song from spotify

From the mobile version of Spotify, if you access the profile of a singer or group, you will see several options. The most known, Follow and Share. But you can also Block. This function is similar to the equivalent in social networks. That is, if you don’t like an artist, you simply block them and you will never see or hear them again.
But lists do not last forever. Sometimes, we change their content. Other times, we delete playlists. And if you’ve accidentally deleted a playlist, you can recover it from the Spotify website.
If you go to your Spotify profile, for which you will need to log in, you will see that in the list of sections there is one called Recover playlists. If you have ever deleted a playlist, you will see it there and you will be able to recover it. Of course, playlists disappear forever after 90 days.
From Spotify, when you click on the devices icon you will see the Start a group session option. If necessary, you will need to log in. Then you will need to invite your friends. Invitations can be posted on social networks, sent via WhatsApp or Telegram, etc.

How to block a podcast on spotify

Today we are going to explain how to block a specific artist or group in Spotify. The streaming service has listened to the requests of its users, and has finally begun to implement an option with which you can completely block that singer or group that you don’t like so much to stop appearing.
The process to block an artist is very simple. The first thing you have to do is open Spotify and enter the tab of that artist that you don’t like. Once you are in the tab of the artist or group, click on the options button that appears in the upper right corner with a three dots icon.
When you click on this button, a series of options will appear on the top of the screen, ranging from following the artist to entering their radio. Here, click on the option Do not listen to this artist that appears in second place.

How to block an artist in spotify

The news was shared yesterday by The Verge, but it was not until today that the option has become available on Spotify Premium: we have tested it on our phones. It appears on Android and also on iPhone: it turns out to be possible to hide any track in the playlists, both made by users and in those recommended by Spotify. And the best thing is that the song is not deleted, just in case the regret appears: just uncheck it to make it visible again.
You can hide as many songs as you want from the playlists so you can adjust the lists to your tastes. It’s active on Android and also on iOS, all without you having to update the app: Spotify activates the new track lock from its server. Remember that it’s only valid if you have a Premium subscription. And it has a drawback: the songs only remain hidden on the device where they are hidden, not on the account. If you listen to the same playlist on another mobile, or on your computer, the songs will still play.

Unblock songs from spotify

Maria_BModeratorHelp others find this answer and click «Accept as Solution».If you appreciate my answer, maybe give me a Like.  «The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between.» – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
By mistake (and ignorance of the «» button) I have also blocked some songs and/or artists… I don’t know if that applies only to the Daily Mixes or if I definitely won’t be able to listen to those songs anymore. From what I read, there is no option to look at the list of blocked songs, so I ask you to include this option as well as the favorites.
As I see we are several that by ignorance or by mistake we have blocked a song or artist through this button, hopefully soon a solution to undo it, because in my case I blocked all soda stereo and is my favorite, I want to reappear in my daily mix.
By mistake I have also «blocked» several songs and artists that I like in my mixes. Please put an option to revert this and hide that button that is very easy to slide your finger and hit it while a song is playing.

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