Spotify al iniciar windows

Spotify al iniciar windows

Disable startup programs windows 10

Now, we go down the configuration settings until we find the Show advanced settings button and look for the Startup and window option. Inside it, we find the setting we were looking for, Open Spotify automatically on computer startup. Next to it, a drop-down list appears with three options, that the application starts when Windows starts but minimized, that it starts normally with system startup and the option No, which is the one we have to select to prevent the Spotify application from starting with Windows 10 startup automatically. From that moment, we will see how when we turn on the computer, it will no longer open automatically.

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Sometimes, we install programs that then start automatically, slowing down the login. On computers that are not so powerful, this is a very annoying thing to avoid. In the case of Spotify, we can see it start automatically, which is quite displeasing because it is not a very light program in terms of RAM. So, we help you to remove Spotify auto startup for good.
If with those Spotify continues to do its thing, we will have to go to the “Task Manager” to remove the automatic startup of this application. I repeat: we don’t want Spotify to start automatically when we log on to Windows. So, do the following:
When you’re done, it will probably ask you to reboot for the changes to take effect. If you had it enabled, it is possible that its startup impact was “High”. It is an application that consumes some unused resources. For example, I have made the test of starting Spotify without listening to anything to see what it consumes by the simple fact of being running.

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Many are the applications that, for different reasons, when we install them in our computer, the first thing they do, with night and malice aforethought is to install themselves in the startup of our computer, so that every time we turn on our computer, it starts automatically and we can start using the application without waiting.
As applications are installed at the startup of our computer, the startup time of our computer is prolonged, giving us the feeling that something is not working on our computer. Fortunately, the problem has a more than simple solution, be it Spotify, Chorome, Steam… or any other application that starts with Windows.
As it is a change in the elements that run at first startup, we do not need to restart our computer. To check that the changes we have made at startup of our computer, we must wait until the next time we start our computer.
If you enjoy Spotify regularly, but do not want the application to start every time you start your computer, the solution is to use the web version of Spotify, a web version that allows us to access our music library without having to use the application.

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Spotify can be used both from the web and from the computer through its two clients: the main one, Win32, and the one we can download from the Microsoft Store. Of course, we can also install an app on Android or iOS to use this platform from our mobile.
In the case of Windows, the program is configured to run by default at Windows startup. If we are one of those who spend hours and hours connected to Spotify, this makes sense. But if we are not, or our computer is a bit old and we want it to run faster, then we are going to see how we can disable Spotify’s automatic startup in different ways.
Once inside, we must go to the bottom and open the advanced settings of the program. There we will find an option that will allow us to choose whether we want to open Spotify automatically when we turn on the computer.
Once the changes have been made, they will take effect immediately. We don’t have to do anything else. The next time we turn on the computer, Spotify will not start by default. If we regret it, we can revert the changes and make the program restart by default at startup by simply re-enabling the option.

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