Spotify family distinto domicilio

Spotify family distinto domicilio

How to share my spotify account

Hi, I am having a problem with my premium family plan account. I have been unlinked from all accounts tied to the main account because they could not confirm the same address.    When I access the main account to see what address it has on it, none of this information shows up on the account. The problem is that we use this plan because we have music placed in 5 business units and by untying the accounts they have gone into free mode and play announcements in each branch.    How can I fix this problem, tie my 5 accounts to the family plan again?  Thank you in advance.
My family members have been deactivated from my family plan, when I send them the invitation again I get the following message: You cannot join this Premium Family Plan. We could not confirm that you reside at the same address as the account holder.  We all share the same address, I have been unable to use my application for more than 2 weeks, I need help to solve it.

Family spotify sharing

The Swedish company seeks to put an end to these non-compliant users in a way similar to the one already sought last year: requesting location information via GPS from users’ mobile devices. This is expressed in a change in the aforementioned Terms, reported by CNET:
A. To be eligible for the Family Plan Subscription, the primary account holder and subsidiary account holders must be members of the same family and reside at the same address.

Spotify premium family

In the case of Spotify, that picaresque comes through the family plan, that subscription that costs 14.99 euros and is valid for up to six members, which covers families of up to four children, or five, if there is only one parent or guardian. It is through it that Spotify believes it is missing out on revenue, as many users use it to pay just €2.5 a month to access its service.
To avoid that problem, Spotify came up with a first measure, which was to have each user type in the postal address of their account and check if it matched that of the family rate holder. If it didn’t, we had a problem but, as with everything, all users quickly caught on and figured out how to bypass that check.
Now, when sending the invitation, the new user will see that Spotify asks them to enable GPS location and enter the address where we are. If we are not physically at the home of the rate holder, we will not be able to complete it so it will be impossible to access the paid content and we will be left with a free account.

How to use spotify family with friends

With this location data, Spotify will be able to know exactly whether all users using the same family account are actually living at the same address, which would mean that they are members of the same family.
Spotify reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to the Spotify Premium Family Plan service and Spotify Premium Family accounts immediately and at any time if the user does not comply with the requirements and Spotify’s Terms and Conditions of Use.
The reasons are more than obvious. While an individual Premium account costs €9.99 per month, Premium family accounts (Family Plan) cost only €14.99 per month, and can be shared between 6 users. If 6 completely unknown users share a family account, Spotify’s losses quickly multiply, because instead of getting €9.99 for each of them, it would get only €2.5 for each of them.

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