Spotify for brands test

Spotify for brands test

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It currently has about 270 million monthly active users. These are divided into 124 million, as they are those people who pay for the subscription or to have the Premium version.
An example of this is the Nike brand, who has a list created in Spotify dedicated to the entire running community, since they will find many songs that will motivate people to exercise.
One of the best options that Spotify can offer you is to create your own playlist or personalized playlists. It is necessary that these have a name, a logo or an image that identifies them.
On the other hand, you can add a brief description and a link that redirects to your social media profiles or your website. It is important that you get out of your head the idea that playlists should be created with a classic concept, where the musical genres are pop, rock, electronic, rap, etc.
If you want to promote your brand on Spotify, it is important to know that most users like to be taken into account by brands. Therefore, it is essential to know what their opinion and musical tastes are.

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The Unlimited Service may not be available to all users. We will explain which services are available to you at the time you sign up for those services. If you cancel your subscription to the Unlimited Service, or if your subscription is interrupted (for example, if you change your payment details), you may not be able to re-subscribe to the Unlimited Service. Please note that it is possible that the Unlimited Service may no longer be provided in the future; if this is the case, you will no longer be charged for the Service.
A Brand may follow users and create and share playlists, provided that the Brand does not take any action that implies a sponsorship or business relationship between the Brand and the followed user, artist, songwriter or any other person, unless the Brand has obtained the rights to imply such sponsorship independently. In addition, the Marks must be transparent to our users about the authorization of any sponsorship or consideration provided to artists, songwriters, users or others and must comply with all laws, the

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The announcement was made on August 22 and of course surprised everyone, from presenting a trial version of only 30 days Spotify has taken a big leap before the eyes of its competition, offering from now on nothing more and nothing less than 90 days of free service.
The decision taken by the streaming service, is aligned with its goal of seeking and getting new premium users, an action that adds to the recent modification of the family plan that now allows an option for two people.

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Yes, you can. Once you have registered you will have access to millions of songs and artists, you will be able to create playlists and listen to your favorite songs. However, there are certain limitations to this free version of Spotify, such as not being able to download songs, or having to listen to advertising.
Very simple, you just have to create an account. Once you are already registered you can go to the Premium section of Spotify to contract the services. You can choose between different functions.
At the bottom you can select the Premium for Students option (link to the student section), once you get to this step you have to prove that you are currently a student. Spotify uses Sheer ID to verify student status, so you need to enter your details and the details of the school where you are enrolled. Once you have completed the details, you need to Login to your student portal so that Spotify can verify that you are currently studying at a university.

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