Spotify playlist to apple music

Spotify playlist to apple music

Spotify to apple music converter

One of the most common blockages is closely related to playlists. Most services of this type do not offer an option to move created playlists from one to another. This is quite a big problem for all playlist users, both for those who make their own playlists and for those who follow the playlists of others.
Due to these limitations, some applications and websites have been appearing that allow you to easily move playlists from one service to another. In the following lines I will explain how to use one of them to move playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, although you can actually use it the other way around and also with other services such as Tidal, Deezer or Youtube Music among others.
The first thing you need to do to move your Spotify playlists to Apple Music is to access TunemyMusic, click on the Get Started button and then select the service that currently contains the playlists.

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But if you decide to abandon Spotify and switch to Apple Music, you don’t need to get rid of your playlists. Officially, there is no direct or simple method of exporting your playlists and importing them to Apple Music, but as it is something demanded by many, there are different ways to accomplish this.
Through Soundiiz we can move our Spotify playlists to Apple Music. With the paid version, we will make the migration in one go. And for free, it is possible to move list to list.
From its online application, we connect to Spotify, view our playlists, select the one we are interested in moving and click on Convert tools and then Apple Music as the destination. After linking to our Apple Music account, the transfer will be performed by checking that the Spotify songs are also in Apple Music.
Its operation is simple. You choose the source, Spotify, the destination source, Apple Music, then we select the playlists we want to export and Stamp will do the rest. Easy and fast.


MoveToAppleMusic is a very simple application, at the moment exclusively for Mac OS X, that allows you to move your playlists to Apple’s music service. At the moment it is compatible with Spotify and Rdio, although future inclusions are not ruled out. Of course, it is a paid application ($4.99) that only accepts PayPal and there is no trial version. To download it you can access from this link to the official website.
Once downloaded and installed you must log in to your Spotify or Rdio account. The application uses the official APIs of both applications, so your passwords are safe. You will also need to accept the app’s access to your information.

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Do you often listen to Black Keys? Then your weekly playlist might include The Arcs, a side project of the band’s guitarist Dan Auerbach. In addition, Spotify gives you the opportunity to create, share and follow playlists of any kind, including those shared by friends, with a single click, plus expertly selected playlists for any mood or genre.
The truth is that Spotify’s playlists, especially Discover Weekly, give this service a certain edge. Until Apple Music can compete with this algorithm-driven approach, we concede victory to Spotify.
In an age where automation is prioritized, Apple Music’s preference for the human touch really helps with radio programming. This philosophy is seen in Beats 1, Apple Music’s flagship 24/7 radio station.

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