Spotify playlist to youtube

Spotify playlist to youtube


Recently I had to export my playlists from Spotify to Youtube Music, since I changed streaming platform. And as the platforms do not want to lose customers, the transfer of playlists from one to another becomes complicated.
One of the most common roadblocks for these services is closely related to playlists. Most streaming platforms do not offer an option to move created playlists from one to another. This is a pretty big problem for all playlist users, both for those who make their own and for those who follow others’ playlists.
It is an all-rounder service, allowing you to import and export playlists from most streaming services. With it you can transfer your playlists to any platform quickly and easily.
I used this service to transfer playlists from Spotify to YouTube, but it allows other transfers, you can, for example, transfer playlists from Spotify to apple music or Deezer easily. Here’s how to transfer playlists from spotify to Youtube Music or other services.

Tunemymusic review

We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for YouTube Premium. Maybe you’re already using them, maybe you’re saving them for when you switch to this subscription. Either way, YouTube’s music service offers a great way to listen to (and watch) tons of songs and videos.
Another interesting option if we are subscribed is to download the videos. This way we can watch them offline on our mobile device. Just look for the ‘Download’ icon below the video player.

Spotify to youtube converter

YouTube Music is already a reality. It comes to compete with Spotify in options and price, although it has a handicap. For now Spotify’s catalog is superior, the application offers more and better options and also those of us who are Spotify subscribers lose all our playlists if we make the leap to YouTube Music. But isn’t there a solution?
Yes, there is. Through Soudiiz, a web application, we can exchange our data between the different audio streaming services. We are going to focus on two in particular. Pass our palylist from Spotify to YouTube and Apple Music respectively. Grab your computer and pay attention to our tutorial.
We start by porting our Spotify playlists to YouTube and for this we just have to enter the web app Soudiiz. We register and once we receive the confirmation email we just have to start operating.
We have used the web platform from the Mac, for the practicality it offered and we have started the process. For the test we have chosen to synchronize a playlist with 1,598 songs, so the final process will be significantly longer.

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6. Now, IFTTT is ready to execute actions. Whenever you like a song on YouTube Music or YouTube, IFTTT will search for that song on Spotify and automatically add it to the dedicated “YouTube” playlist on Spotify in the background. No need to do anything manually.
7. Note that if the song is not available on Spotify, it will not be added. Also, the synchronization process is not instantaneous. IFTTT executes the action once every hour, so the music video you like will be added within an hour or so.
6. Here, paste the URL of the playlist and click “Upload playlist”. Please note that you can transfer individual playlists one by one in this way. In case you want to transfer the songs you like in YouTube Music and other playlists, click “Upload from your YouTube Music account”. However, you will have to grant full YouTube administration permission.

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